"Humanity For Animals" Close Down Rani Bagh Zoo

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Close Down Rani Bagh Zoo
Carelessness And Cruelty Scaled Animals To Death

As an animal lover and activist I am deeply saddened by what I just found at RANI BAGH ZOO. Located opposite "Circuit House" & GOR colony Hyderabad Sindh  
Have you visited a zoo recently?? Tell me, do the animals look happy to you? No, not even close. Imagine, being locked in a room full of Windows and everyone walks up to look at you and there is nothing you can do about it really.Hyderabad Zoo is a miserable picture of destruction

Zoo requires providing food, water for the animals and the purpose of a zoo is to provide awareness to the people, along with conserving endangered species and providing a place for research and education. The Rani Baagh, however, seems to be providing little in terms of awareness entertainment and attraction, and even less in terms of helping the animals. Most of the animals died due to negligence and lack of funds. approximately Seventy animals are in the zoo, out of 3 hundred animals the majority of them are old and ill and are a waiting death.
Due to shortage of Trained employees Veterinary doctors medicines for animals, most of the animals cannot be provided treatment

It's more like a torture chamber for innocent creatures The same rights of life & liberty that we believe for humans should be protected for animals as well. And it is up to us to make it happen. It's time to take action on animals

Take a stand and help me close down this zoo and transfer these animals into a proper sanctuary where they will be properly cared for.This is very hard to watch but this is what's happening.

If you decide to sign this petition, then many animals would be saved from abuse and even death caused by zoo Also many animals would mate resulting an increase of animals. ♡