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Fed up with AT&T's HORRENDOUS Customer Service

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I truly empathize with the thousands upon thousands of consumers who have posted their complaints online, and who have reached out to AT&T's CEO only to be passed on to an incompetent employee who lies, gives you false promises, keeps you on hold for a ridiculous amount of time, or leaves you there and never returns, or transfers you without informing you, or disconnecting you after an hour of speaking to them, and they don't have the common courtesy to call you back. I'm sure you're familiar with spending countless of your precious hours on the phone trying to resolve your situation, only to be bounced around like a ball and in the end... no resolution, but they certainly know how to wrongfully bill you, and bombard you with text messages, emails and phone calls if you do not pay a bill that is incorrect. Those who have reached out to their CEO, Mr. Randall Stephenson who obviously doesn't have the time to respond, passes off his emails, letters etc... to what I found to be dishonest employees at The Office of the President, who are not capable of doing their job correctly. I, personally have endured enough of their horrible customer service, their lies, and what I consider extortion when you ask me to pay for something I did not receive, then threaten to suspend my service. All of  the online complaints are falling on deaf ears, and it very clear that AT&T does not care about their customers. It's amazing! Do they not realize that if not for us, the consumers, they would be out of a job. It's time to take action!

As for my story, I was charged an upgrade fee for what was suppose to be a new phone, but their dishonest employee Edwanda Walton sent me a used, damaged phone that was thrown in a box with missing accessories ie; ear buds, sim card key, box had scribbling all over it etc... I called immediately to hear "It was a new phone, there is nothing else they would do". I'm being charged an upgrade fee, which I will NOT pay and late fees every month for the amount I disregard on my monthly bill, so my monthly bill has now doubled. They have threatened to suspend my service on more than one occasion, and Edwanda Walton is at fault for all of this.

I want my situation rectified, and AT&T MUST start to provide excellent customer service. Does anyone there bother to read all the online complaints? Does anyone care? 



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