Enhanced group home and care solutions for high needs autistic adults in Calgary

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Entrust is an organization based out of Edmonton that provides housing, support and day programming to adults who have severe Autism and complex needs.

As parents of an 18 year old son, named Jared, with those high needs, we have been advocating for the government to allow Entrust to provide service in Calgary, but this is being inhibited. The government will approve Entrust to provide service for 6 months only. After that they have to go through a process which may or may not allow them to continue to work in Calgary. This is not a stable situation which would allow Entrust success. There are other organizations that could provide services to adults with disabilities, but we feel that these organizations would not be able to provide the care our son needs. As parents we feel confident that Entrust would provide excellent care for our son, and peace of mind for us.

Our son requires constant supervision and care. In addition to Autism he also has seizures. We love our son and know we can’t take care of him for the long term, so want to ensure that he has good care. If the government were to allow Entrust to provide service here in Calgary, we know of many families who would benefit from this, as they are struggling with finding living solutions they feel are best.

Please sign this petition to help us in our journey to enable Entrust to make a difference in the life of our son and many other families in Calgary.