Racial Vilification and Islamophobia by the Queensland Police Service

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Queensland Police Service incites hatred towards, severe ridicule of, or serious contempt for a person or group because of their race and/or Islamic faith.  

Queensland Police Service targets people of colour and people of Islamic faith, shooting and killing them instead of apprehending them for incidents. 

Queensland Police Service inflicts fear and inflicts violence on people of colour and people of Islamic faith, singling them out.  

Queensland Police Service treats people of colour and people of Islamic faith with mental conditions unfairly, with more abuse and unwarranted force, than the white-skinned population.  Evidently displaying racism and Islamophobia.  

We, the people of Australia demand change of the culture of policing and this unfair treatment which incites hatred and fear amongst the residents and citizens of Australia.  We demand to live in a country that treats its citizens and residents with equity. 

We demand that the Police Service be a positive role model to society and not what it is currently.  

We want an apology and an acknowledgment and change of behaviour that is monitored on an ongoing basis from Queensland Police Service regarding the demeaning behaviour thus far to censor hate and violence, specifically Islamophobia and racism.