Fix up Bell Street, Ipswich QLD 4305

Fix up Bell Street, Ipswich QLD 4305

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Started by Joshua Aaron

Revitalising Ipswich Central is underway, and one of the major streets in the area that needs help is Bell Street.

Bell Street is home to several private properties, Queensland Government assets including the Queensland Health Plaza and the Transit centre and Queensland Rail’s Ipswich Station. The state even own the over bridge/walkway that goes nowhere.

Ipswich City Council is responsible for the Nicholas Street Precinct Development that also occupies parts of Bell Street.

There has been some recent investment into the street by private landlords, but many of the premises are in need of some serious tender loving care.

Bell Street and its buildings are the first impression of Ipswich for anyone who arrives by public transport and is hindering efforts to bring the city back to life.

Short term solutions:

  • Clean the buildings removing dust, rubbish and graffiti
  • Paint the walls and refresh the tiles 
  • Add some green walls and plants 
  • Get street artists to paint a mural on the over bridge/walkway
  • Add interesting lighting or projection to the area

Long term solutions:

  • Let the community come up with a solution for this parcel of land left after the closure of the transit centre
  • Improve the Ipswich train station to take it out of the 1980’s
  • Upgrade the Health Facility into a building that is clean and inviting

Please sign the petition to get Queensland Government and Queensland Rail to take action and invest in their assets to improve our beautiful city.

254 have signed. Let’s get to 500!