Remove QUB Pro-Life protesters from campus grounds

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Recently within Northern Ireland females have finally been given the rights to their reproductive systems via abortion being legalised. However, it has came to mine and the publics attention that the QUB Pro-Life Society have positioned themselves at the front of the Queens University campus holding various offensive, scaremongering and problematic signs. My issue with this is that Queens University provides education to various students from different backgrounds across the world. Female students are vulnerable to seeing these controversial signs and thats not right. Females who are also walking past the campus who are just from the general public are also vulnerable to seeing these signs. 

Regarding the signs, they are covered in hateful messages imposing that females who have made the choice of abortion are murderers. I am baffled as to how Queens University a prestigious university is allowing this to take place and as to why they'd rather leave female students vulnerable to his agenda instead of putting a stop to it. I speak for myself when I say I for one feel drained and attacked by this society just from looking at their protests and online content, both which aren't peaceful and don't take females feelings into account.

I'm aware that everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions and I fully respect that, however this society is forcing their opinions down people throats via scaremongering. I think it's time that Queens University Belfast took their female students into consideration in regards to this and put a stop to this society protesting at the front of campus grounds as its a hinder on some female students education.