Stop Big Pharma Gaming Patent Laws and Save Millions of Lives

Stop Big Pharma Gaming Patent Laws and Save Millions of Lives

10 November 2017
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Why this petition matters

Started by Hedley Rees

Pharmaceutical patent laws are archaic, and they’re unashamedly gamed by pharmaceutical companies. The big pharma companies apply for patents on the ‘idea’ that one molecule 'might' treat a disease. No proof needed, merely a rough idea. In fact, only 5 in every 250 drugs that enter development get through to trials in humans. Of those 5, only one is approved for sale.

Not me saying that, it's the US Government Accountability Office, in its Report:

NEW DRUG DEVELOPMENT: Science, Business, Regulatory, and Intellectual Property Issues Cited as Hampering Drug Development Efforts” Report to Congressional Requesters.

That's gold standard evidence folks.

This short video that I recorded for a Kickstarter funding explains the state it's got into now:

As you might imagine, there was little enthusiasm at the time for such a project.

Nearly four years later, in the wake of the SARS-CoV-2 enigma, so many are now aware of the pharmaceutical business model that puts patents ahead of patients.

That wasn't always the case. I've done a little presentation to explain:

In summary, if 'compound claims' patent law remains unchanged, all that is wrong with the last three years is set to continue. There is a solution. It is to revert back to the time (before 1980) when a company had to prove they could manufacture a safe and effective drug at the scale required. Being able to make a few grams in a test tube will not cut the mustard.

There would have to be major consultation of course to be sure it worked, and the starting point would be an inquiry set up by politicians. This is one I prepared earlier, as an example for the UK:

Suggestion that the Health and Social Care Committee should undertake an inquiry into pharmaceutical company use of patent law.

It begins: "Pharmaceutical companies use patent law to create monopolies/oligopolies to deliver super-normal profits, with minimum application of internal resources. The reference
Patients not patents recounts how this works against the interests of healthcare stakeholders in the UK, EU and indeed, global healthcare systems.

There has been a dramatic change in pharmaceutical company strategy since the early 1980’s. Prior to this, patents were not sought until a feasible manufacturing process for the medicine had been established. However, subsequently, companies have been patenting molecular compounds, rather than the process of manufacture, with major consequences as outlined below."

Jeremy Hunt MP, former Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee has a copy and I have his email acknowledging his receipt and acceptance. Awaiting his further instructions.

To finish off, many of us feel hugely frustrated over the lack of action in bringing this whole sorry SARS-CoV-2 tale to an end. Signing this petition will be a way of making your protest, and sharing it might raise the awareness that's needed too.

Remember the ancient Chinese proverb, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 

Let's take it!!! Give us your autograph!


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Signatures: 1,027Next Goal: 1,500
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