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Put Predator Drones on Trial in Pakistan

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Put Predator Drones on Trial in Pakistan is now the official petition of Citizens Against Drones.  Thank you for participating.

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Update July 20th: According to Brennan, Barack Obama himself has ‘insisted’ that US drone strikes are ‘exceptionally surgical and precise’ and ‘do not put… innocent men, women and children in danger’.

Claims by President Obama’s chief counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan that ‘there hasn’t been a single collateral [civilian] death’ in Pakistan since August 2010 are found to be untrue today, following a major Bureau investigation.

Detailed examination by the Bureau of 116 CIA ‘secret’ drone strikes in Pakistan since August 2010 has uncovered at least 10 individual attacks in which 45 or more civilians appear to have died.  Source: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

"Drone strikes in Pakistan have and continue to kill civilians. The administration is not telling the truth. These strikes make us less safe and should end, now." -- Source: Rethink Afghanistan

Drone crashes after 'hitting bird.'-- Source: Tribune 


Update July 9, 11:  Chaudhary Ahmed Mukhtar the defense minster of Pakistan has ordered the US military to vacate the Shamsi secret airbase currently used by The United States to launch drone strikes. The United States has already rejected Pakistan's demand to vacate the Shamsi Airbase.

Sources: PressTV , Nation

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The United States' drone bombing policy has quiet litterally terrorized a nation feircly concerned for its soverignty admists a decade long American military deployment into Iraq and Afghanistan.  Drone strikes are killing more civilians than terrorists, have foment more hatred against Americans than any other current policy and has been a counter productive strategy that since day one has radicalized rural Pastun nationalist into sympathizing with the Taliban.  'Put Predator Drones on Trial in Pakistan' is a petition to end President Obama's current campeign of predator drone bombings in Pakistan that have killed countless civilians.

"Today the Pakistani state — that is its government and security structures - stands exposed as never before in front of its own people as well as the world. Never before, since 1971, has the Pakistani nation felt so defenceless and so full of anger and shame."  These are the words of Imran Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pakistan Movement for Justice) and founder of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre.

In reaction to Pakistan's diplorably weak leadership, opposition leader Imran Khan announced a two day sit-in protest in Karachi on May 21 and 22 to block NATO supplies, and demonstrate against US drone strikes.  The chariman has called upon PM Gilani and President Zardari to immediately step down.

It is obvious Pakistan has been assisting America fight the 'War on Terror' like all USA client states since 9/11, but contraditoray to the truth Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has consistantly denied the Pakistani Military's assistance citing distrust and carefuly dodging questions on drone bombing policy. The Pakistani Army has lost over 35,000 soliders fighting militant extremists in their own country and Hillary Clinton's claim Pakistani Intelegence was harboring terrorist is disrespectful to the memory of those brave soldiers and instigates unncessary conflict.

Pakistanis are determine to decide their own fate and USA foriegn policy makers must be forced to acknowledge breaches of soverigenty are the main cause of violence and idealogical radicalization.  Without a doubt supporting the pacifist Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf opposition group is the most important step Americans can take to undo the damage our policies have caused.

"Drone strikes constitute not only a blatant breach of Pakistan’s sovereignty, but it is also a grave violation of the international humanitarian laws where the US acts as the judge, jury and the excutioner - all put into one -  killing suspects’ wives and children."

And even though Imran Khan denounces foriegn military drone strikes he has always stood strongly against militant extremism in his country of Pakistan, not to simply gain public support, but to further elivate all of Pakistan to have a greater respect for rule of law.

"The tribal people, who have never been involved in terrorism, need to be co-opted into a national policy to fight and isolate the real terrorists. Rule of Law is critical and all militant groups, private armies and other non-state actors carrying arms must be disarmed. There can be no exceptions to this rule."

Petition picture and name inspired by The Onion News Network.

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