Stop Fracking in Puerto Rico: To bring awareness to the true cause of Earthquakes in PR

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Recently there has been a series of deadly earthquakes in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico and the surrounding Carribean islands are known to have major earthquakes naturally every century. However, the magnitude and the number of Earthquakes this time were abnormal. Mainstream media is trying to frame it as natural. However, these Earthquakes were really caused by the Oil and Gas Industry's recent Fracking project underneath and around the island. Locals on the islands reported that the past week or so they have been hearing strange explosion and drilling sounds at night. A fisherman reported that he seen the tools used for fracking around the islands and even claims he does not care if he is killed if he reports this. The aftermath of these man-made earthquakes? Thousands of homes ruined, no electricity or water on the island, children out of school and many left homeless of the street after losing their property. Reports have said the aftermath of these Earthquakes is worse than Hurricane Maria where thousands have lost their lives. Puerto Rico and other surrounding Carribean islands deserve justice for these man-made earthquakes. Between climate change and the fracking industry, there is no telling when these environmental injustices will end. Puerto Ricans fear that worst is yet to come. Sign this petition to demand immediate action to stop the environmental man-mad abuse in Puerto Rico and the Carribean islands and for reparations to be made for all lost property and other damages that have been made. How long will this take to end? As a Puerto Rican American the few times I have visited my family on the island I was in awe of how beautiful a place can be.  I felt so connected to the land and it hurts to see it slowly become destroyed for a problem that can be stopped. #stopfrackinginpuertorico