Stop the barbaric wolf cull & poisoning in NWT, BC and AB

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If you're bored at home, please take action. Now is NOT the time to kill more wildlife. If we have learned anything from the virus outbreak is to not mess with nature. Killing & poisoning helpless animals is not the answer. It seems like Canada & USA are going back to the 1950's when wolves were wiped out from North America. We did not have the science behind these movements, back then but now we do & despite numerous warnings from biologists, conservationists & scientists our government of Canada is performing these devastating, meaningless, unethical & ineffective slaughters of wolves on our tax dollars. The wolf culls, hunting & trapping of animals are more of a political & social movement than scientific. What happened to humanity? Canada is one of the greatest advocates of human rights & a role model to the world, yet we are slaughtering our native wildlife and wolves. It is shocking & blood curling that there are no laws to protect our native predators & wolves from the blood lust of hunters. Wolves have been misunderstood, stigmatized & persecuted for a very long time. Still mankind's greed has no limit. Wolves DO NOT kill for sport & the game they kill feed not just the wolves but bears, scavengers, birds & other small mammals, thus supporting the whole ecosystem.The AB government has pushed through the Keystone pipeline, increased logging, drilling, mining & gas exploration on Caribou habitat, cut down the old forest & wolves have paid the price with their blood. Wolves are the scapegoat for the local government's failure to protect Caribous. Enough is enough. We have to stand up for the wolves because they cannot speak up for themselves. Wolves are a sign of healthy ecosystem & they are one of the apex predators that balance the role of predators & prey.  A good example is the re-introduction of wolves in Yellowstone. It not only brought back so many rare species of animals & birds, allowed forest to grow back by controlling deer population but also changed the course of the river over time. It's one of the greatest ecological successes of our lifetimes. Please reach out to the ministers behind these ruthless culls that have shown NO results in increasing the Caribou populations since 2005 as per the scientists & conservationists. 

Minister of land & natural resources BC: Doug Donaldson, Deputy minister John Allan.

Email:; Phone: 250-387-6240

Minister of land & natural resources AB: Jason Nixon, Phone: 780-427-2391, email: 

The minister of environment and natural resources in NWT: copied to

Please contact them on behalf of the animals who are going to be put down so hunters can kill more endangered caribous. Poisoning wolves not just kill them but every other animal in the environment. These culls are just wiping out wolves & other wildlife so that more human activities, oil drills, mineral exploration, roads & human hunts of caribou can take place. These culls failed to increase the number of caribou in BC. It's a cruel, meaningless & massive waste of our tax dollars, which can be invested to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 or fight climate change. Please watch this video of Ashley Judd speaking up against the aerial wolf cull in Alaska. Just to get an idea of what is happening in BC, AB and NWT. This is 2020 & this is morally wrong on so many levels. We cannot treat wildlife in such way. Like Gandhi said 'The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way animals are treated'

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You can help stop this massacre. Time is running out for these wolves. Please ask the governments to STOP this massacre immediately and invest the money into developing a vaccine for COVID-19 or manufacturing medical supplies. These practices do not belong in modern society. Failure to protect Canada's wolves & other native predators would mean failing the fight for climate change. The absence of native predators WILL affect us on the natural order of hierarchy sooner or later. It's time for change.