Protect sea lions, sharks and whales and reject oil and gas off Kangaroo Island, Australian Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke

The marine environment in the special region called the Kangaroo Island Pool and Canyons is of huge importance to special wildlife and critical to both Kangaroo Island's fishing communities and ecotourism industry.

This is a magical region with deep canyons where sperm whales dive for squid, spreading plains where sea lions forage and hunt and rock lobsters thrive. It is a region rich with the ancient upwelling waters from the southern ocean.

The petroleum industry is attempting to open this precious area as a new frontier for oil and gas, threatening marine species and the marine environment, including:
- Australian Sealions
- Blue Whales
- Sperm whales
- Shepherd’s beaked whales
- Southern right whales
- Common and bottlnose dolphins
- Great white and school sharks
The industry plans to explore the region with a seismic survey - that means devastating noise pollution.

Please urge the Australian Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Tony Burke, to reject this proposal under Australia’s Federal environment laws

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  • Department Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
    Referral Business Entry Point, EIA Policy Section (EPBC Act)
  • Australian Federal Environment Minister
    The Hon Tony Burke MP

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