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Protect Pets in Hot Cars

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It takes only minutes for a pet to suffocate and die in a parked car. On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 160 degrees, even with the windows cracked.

Every summer, the news is full of stories of helpless dogs and cats perishing in hot cars. Sometimes, brave passersby take it upon themselves to break into a vehicle to save the animal just in time. But more often than not, people stand there, helpless to do anything, forced to watch a poor creature slowly die. This is something I want to stop.

States need to equip law enforcement and Good Samaritans with the ability to intervene when faced with animals suffering in hot cars.

Here in Texas, it is illegal for a concerned citizen to break a car’s window in good faith to save an animal. A Good Samaritan could be held legally liable for any damage done while saving an animal's life. This summer, Tennessee became the first state to legalize breaking a car window to help an animal in distress. This is groundbreaking -- it empowers people to step in when careless pet owners endanger their animals’ life. Texas needs to follow suit.

Help me save our four-legged creatures from meeting this terrible fate. Sign my petition and ask Texas to protect Good Samaritans when they act in good faith to save an animal in distress.

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