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Protect our freedom of expression. Allow Dr Sherri Tenpenny to visit and speak in Australia. Do not cave in to the demands of a noisy political pressure group.

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“Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of a free society."

So said Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, in the wake of the recent French Charlie Hebdo atrocity.

While we in no way wish to detract from the seriousness of that event, we are struck by the truth of Tony Abbott's statement for the unfolding hysteria surrounding the coming visit of Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny, a respected US medical doctor and researcher, is scheduled to speak at a series of seminars in Australia. She will be discussing validated CDC and related research on the benefits, risks, and effects of vaccines - information vital for families wanting to make informed decisions in this area; information now under threat from the activities of a small political lobby group.

This group, under the guise of public health advocacy, has fed inflammatory and negative information to national and international media about Dr Tenpenny’s visit. They have incited intolerance toward her via social media, harrassed the seminar coordinator, recruited others to pressure venues (successfully) to cancel seminar bookings, issued death threats, and now demand that the Australian Government withdraws Dr Tenpenny's visa to stop her coming.

These activities are highly concerning.

Dr Tenpenny is not a criminal and we, the remainder of the Australian public, are not confused, naive, or in mortal danger from what she has to say; we do not need government intervention to save us from Dr Tenpenny's words.

If Government were to cave in to the demands of a strident pressure group against a person of good character and standing it would be an unprecedented censorship of our freedoms of association, expression and speech – values which this country has always held dear. This is not the direction we should take. This is not the Australia we wish to be.

Please do not allow one small group to dictate who we, as Australians, can and cannot see; what we can and cannot hear. Please do not give in to their demands.

Protect Dr Tenpenny's freedom to come to Australia and our right to hear and consider the information she shares. Many of us will be waiting for her with open arms and a warm welcome.

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