Protect British Pets during the cost of living crisis - stop cat and dog abandonment!

Protect British Pets during the cost of living crisis - stop cat and dog abandonment!

1 September 2022
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David Rutley (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Welfare Delivery), Department for Work and Pens) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jacob Warn

Hundreds of animals are being abandoned every single day in the UK! We call on the UK Government to take action to protect our beloved British pets during these difficult times. 

Now, a report by the RSPCA has shown that animals being ‘dumped’ has increased by 17th last year, and a huge 24% this year - this is tragic news for beloved cats and dogs all across the country. The RSPCA is receiving over 3,000 abandonment reports every month - already close to 23,000 this year alone!

Why is this happening? According to the RSPCA, one key reason is the cost of living crisis. Many of us, as dog and cat owners, are worried about being able to provide the levels of care we want for our pets: the cost of feeding and looking after them is rising and rising. The Animal Kindness Index has shown that two thirds of pet owners now have to pay more to care for their pets with 20% actually worried about feeding their pets!

Just as the cost of living is increasing exponentially, with utility bills, tax, internet and food prices shooting up, so too is the cost of looking after our cats and dogs.

As a proud owner of cats and many other pets in my life, I’m really saddened to read these reports released in the past days. The government has to recognise that pets play a huge role in so many of our lives. From the cost of living to the climate crisis - we need a government that cares and acts on behalf of our pets!

So, that’s why today I’m calling on the government to take action to ensure everyone can afford to look after their pets as they deserve to be. It means the government has to offer financial support and act on legislation to protect its British Pets!



  1. Help pet owners through the cost of living crisis
    The UK government must take action right now to help pet owners (and everyone else) to cope with the cost of living crisis. During these difficult times, the government must support pet owners so that they can continue to provide the levels of pet welfare that our beloved pets deserve.

  2. Make sure animal shelters are fully funded
    According to YouGov, across the whole charity sector, animal shelters are seeing the biggest year-on-year decrease in donations! The government must step in to protect its country’s animals in need.

  3. Introduce ‘Minimum Standards’ for animal sanctuaries across all the UK
    At present, minimum standards for animal sanctuaries don’t exist across the whole of the UK. This means that animals that are now ending up in sanctuaries may not be getting the highest quality care that they deserve. Call on the UK government to ensure sanctuaries everywhere are held accountable.

  4. Make animal rehoming a quicker and simpler process
    Currently, the UK and Welsh Governments have long, enforced waiting times for animals that are given over to shelters due to criminal proceedings. Demand the UK and Welsh governments follow Scotland’s lead and allow rehoming within weeks, not months.  


I’m running this campaign as part of my community-building work with Climate Pets. From climate change to the cost of living crisis, we need to recognise the role pets play in our lives, cherish them, and protect them! You can follow this work on TikTok and Instagram and message me if you want to help out!

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Signatures: 1,195Next Goal: 1,500
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