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Why this petition matters

VicRoads have proposed changes to Kerferd Road, Albert Park - April 2022.

VicRoads plan to make Kerferd Road a one lane road!

This plan will mean a loss of parking spots, a bike lane (where one already exists) and using ugly concrete bollards between the nature strip and the parked cars.  

We are concerned this will affect everyday life of its residents.

  • Safety - a bike track between the walking path, nature strips and the road, puts the residents at risk of tripping over the concrete bollards. Many residents along this road are elderly and transition from car, pathway and then into their property and they would be at more risk if this plan goes ahead. 
  • Heritage - The grand boulevard that is Kerferd Road will be diminished. Ugly concrete bollards will be placed along the entire road. 
  • Duplication - There is already a bike path for our 'much loved' bike riders. Even bike riders will not benefit from these changes.
  • Parking - Albert Park residents pay a fee to the City of Port Phillip council to park out the front of their own homes. Yet, this plan will reduce current parking for Kerferd Rd residents. 
  • Traffic chaos- Kerferd Road currently does not have any traffic issues. One lane WILL cause traffic to bank up at the lights at Beaconsfield Parade. They also plan to place road-humps along the road.
  • Expenses - it is believed that finance (in excess of $12-16m) has already been earmarked for this project with the Victorian State Government, which means it is very much going ahead. In these time of high cost of living and enormous government debt... this does seem excessive!   

We are not against upgrading roads or making roads safer or cleaning up the landscape along Kerferd Road. But we do want to stop VicRoads from placing these ugly concrete bollards along Kerferd Road and changing the landscape forever, particularly when it does not benefit anyone. 

Please sign this petition to STOP these changes to Kerferd Road, Albert Park.



506 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!