Prohibit the "Suicide Race" in Omak, Washington

This dangerous race puts the horses who are forced to sprint down a 210-foot-long 62-degree slope and then jump into the water, at risk of injury and death (23 have died since 1983 including one this year, who broke his leg during a qualifiying race). Veterinarian Dr. Heather Evergreen witnessed the race in 2006 and said that the race has obvious risks: running full speed down a steep hill, jumping off the top of the hill, and drowning in the water at the bottom. A Wall Street Journal reporter witnessed a horse break its back and be euthanized in 2007.

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  • Mayor, Town of Omak, Washington, 2 N. Ash St., Omak, WA 98841
    Cindy Gagne, Mayor of the town of Omak, Washington
  • Colville Tribes
    Pete Palmer, Owners & Jockeys Association
  • The Seattle Times
    David Boardman, Executive Editor
  • Milller Coors
    N. Cornell Boggs III
  • VF Corporation/Wrangler Jeans
    Eric C. Wiseman, CEO
  • Washington Governor

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