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A teacher let her learner sit outside their classroom because of a certain situation that a child didn't comply and she (the teacher) believed that the child should learn a lesson. Days passed after the incident, the family of the child went to a certain TV personality and in the program when the latter was anchoring, they narrated the incident particularly about the situation and even talked to the teacher whom they are complaining. The teacher stated the event and defended her side and even asked for an apology to the grandmother but the family refused to forgive the teacher. Thereafter, the grandmother of the learner did not accept the teacher's sorry and was even harder when her child along with her husband came into the scene. They uttered their side as well and that they wanted the teacher to be eliminated and render resignation as soon as possible because they believed that the teacher should now rest at her home and stop teaching anymore, worst is, they even proposed for the license removal of the teacher. The TV personality then said something that humiliates the teacher. Saddest part is that, the said Tv personality didn't even ask responsible agencies based on the occurence and that the decision was made from his orders only. Netizens are now reacting and majority on the side of the teacher. A video is available on YouTube and gaining more dislikes compared to the usual numerous likes he get from his program.