3 Years of Delayed Mobilization for National Youth Service corps for no just reason.

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Wickedness and Human Rights Abuse at the highest level
It's our Right to Participate In The Compulsory @nysc_ng Service,
3years of Delayed service for Graduates of 3 Departments (Chemical Engineering, Environmental Management and toxicology, And Library And Information Science ) Of Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture Umudike, Ụmụahia Abịa State.

Three years after Their graduation, They've Been Disenfranchised, And They're Non-participants in the economic labour force for reasons which has not been clearly explained to the students, none of the students actually knows the Real problem.

The programs in question was started by the former Vice Chancellor, Prof. EDEOGA, They have all been accredited by
@OfficialNUC but is yet to be put on NYSC portal which school management ought to facilitate but the new Vice Chancellor is not INTERESTED. The Said students has been thrown back and forth since 2016, Three sets already lined up for service, Yet, Nọne Is Serving, The School Management keeps dribbling Them. The affected is above two thousand already and more will keep joining the long queue. 

We say no to this oppression, We Say No To This denial and we Say No To This wickedness. We call on the federal Govt led by Mr President @Mbuhari, The Federal Ministry Of Education, the @ OfficialNuc, NYSC and General public to come to our aid. Dreams are been killed, Depression is biting hard, we committed NO CRIME, save our lives and Career. This students are subjected to emotional torture, depression and humiliation as they have watch their progress stalled by the school management. This is not the life the planned for themselves and they need urgent intervention. Let's save their lives and career, help them achieve justice.