Ban Huawei from Canada's 5G Telecom Networks!


Ban Huawei from Canada's 5G Telecom Networks!

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Fellow Canadian Citizens,

Please read my Opinion Piece.

I am calling on all of you to sign this petition to have Huawei removed from Canada’s critical infrastructure. This includes banning Huawei from participating and or building Canada’s 5G Networks and all STEM fields and or industries. 

Almost all of our allies have banned or removed Huawei from their critical infrastructure and it’s time we do the same!

In several publicly available news article FBI Director Christopher Wray, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats have all publicly stated several times that Huawei is using its technology to spy on companies with the objective of stealing its intellectual property.

It is my opinion along with many others that Huawei is not an ethical player in the market place and therefore should be banned! 

In Canada, several prominent individuals such as former CSIS Director Richard Fadden have stated similar concerns. Mr. Fadden also wrote an Opinion piece in the Globe and Mail dated June 10, 2020.

"For the security of Canadians, Huawei should be banned from our 5G networks" Quote from Richard Fadden!

Richard Fadden Opinion Piece  - recently updated

It is also my opinion, based on publicly available news articles, that Huawei allegedly built the company from stolen Nortel Intellectual Property. It is further my opinion that the Chinese government clearly does not respect our laws or country! The Chinese government under its law has the ability to direct Chinese Corporations to participate in espionage.

Ban Huawei Now! The CIA and other intelligence services allege they are targeting our intellectual property and stealing years of hard work with the goal of selling it back to us at a lower cost!

Please review publicly available Huawei criticism posted on Wikipedia.

Criticism Huawei - updated.

Every year thousands of large corporations spend large sums of money protecting their Intellectual Property. It is my opinion, along with many other security experts, that if  Huawei is permitted to participate and build infrastructure on our telecommunications networks that will place all of us at a serious disadvantage and render our defenses mostly useless. 

Please sign our petition and send a strong message to the Federal Government of Canada to ban Huawei.


This petition made change with 117,272 supporters!

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