Pray For Australia, A Burning Nation

Pray For Australia, A Burning Nation

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Up to date, Australia has set some of the worst world records for fires over the decades and this is no exception. 

Currently there are over 150 fires burning. 

To date over 15 million acres of land have been burnt. That's bigger than Costa Rica, the Netherlands and Wales. 

Over 2,500 structures and homes have been burnt down completely. 

Over half a billion animals alone have been killed and millions more injured and sick. 

Statewide evacuations are taking place in New South Wales and a State of Emergency has been declared. 

Over 800 firefighters are fighting the fires and we are ridiculously short on manpower. 

Almost 80% of firefighters are voluntary and no one gets paid.

Due to the droughts in some places, water restrictions have been placed on many towns. 

And as a result, 20 people have died and 17 are missing from these fires.

People are being evacuated by the Navy as you read this and firefighters from California have finally been sent over. 

New Zealand have sent helicopters and crew and some army units to support. 

There are fires in every single state in Australia and air pollution has gotten worse. But we have had no support. No voice. No awareness. 

People in Tasmania and New Zealand can see and smell the smoke even though we are 20,000km apart.

NASA has sent pictures from outer space of the smoke blanketing Australia 

PrayForTheAmazon got over 27K hashtags. PrayForTheNotreDame got over 3 Million hashtags. But PrayForAustralia has only received a couple thousand.

America : We helped you during the California fires and floods. 

Europe : From the Notre Dame fires and the terrorist attacks, we have always been by your side. 

Asia : We were there for the Thai Cave Rescues and countless floods and Tsunamis no matter what. 

Brazill : We never left your side during the Amazon Fires 


To the world : We’ve helped you out so much. So we only ask for one small request in return We ask for help. For funding, manpower, awareness and support. For supplies, temporary homes and care. 

So in an act of goodwill, sign this petition and please spread awareness. Our burning nation needs all the help we can get.  


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!