Abate Rent and Defer Bank Loan Repayment for 6 months in Singapore.

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Dear PM Lee,

The coronavirus outbreak has presented us with an unprecedented crisis. In your own words, our economy is taking a big hit. Many of us in the food services and retail sectors are struggling desperately to pay our workers and keep our businesses alive.

Sadly we can't do this much longer without your help.

Sir, we would like to make two requests:

That commercial landlords and property managers charge no gross rent and instead charge only gross turnover rent of 15% for 6 months; and That banks defer loan repayments by 6 months.

The food services and retail sector is a very large industry comprised of  many small businesses and low-wage workers making an honest living day in, day out. During this period, many of us are risking our own wellbeing to serve our customers at the frontline. Our jobs may not be as noble as the nurses and doctors who are saving lives; nevertheless we do pour in our hard work and dedication to serve others while we worry about our own survival with each growing day.

The dreams, aspirations and livelihoods of many, many people in our industry in Singapore are at stake. Please don't leave us behind and let us bear the brunt of coronavirus. Help us!

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