WorkSafe Charges against Mark Law (Kahu Helicopters) need revoking!

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We, the undersigned request demand that Worksafe NZ cease and revoke,  all charges against Mark Law of Kahu Helicopters. A NZ hero who acted selflessly and  was extremely brave in a tragic emergency.  Rescuing 12 injured people from Whakaari / White Island Eruption is to be commended. Those who sign this demand an apology for the cruel attack on this man and his company. Mark Law  is a National hero not a criminal!

Experienced Pilot, John Funnell wrote on his face book page " Worksafe have charged Mark Law (Kahu Helicopters) who had no parties on White Island when it erupted. Mark was the helicopter pilot that lead the recovery of the severely injured finding them in the ash and mud, lifting them into his helicopter and flying them to Whakatane. Without Mark and other pilots involvement many more would have deceased because of their injuries" 

WorkSafe should have stopped the tourist company visits if they felt people were unsafe.