We stand with Dr. Satyapal Singh on his views on Darwin evolution theory.

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Dr Satyapal Singh and Theory of Evolution

Minister of State for Human Resource Development Dr. Satyapal Singh in a conference said that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was “scientifically wrong”, and it should not be taught in our textbooks. He even called for an international debate on the topic. 

Dr Singh said that “Evidence has come out against the theory,” .He even give out a list of international scientists since Darwin’s time who opposed his theory of evolution. Dr Singh proposed that if the Ministry of Human Resource Development is ready to sponsor a world-level international conference to decide what is true and factual and that must be taught in schools and colleges.

Dr Singh himself a PhD in Chemistry is a learned person with a splendid carrier in police service as well as in politics. He himself is author of different books, an esteemed person by himself. In contrary to his contribution, his statement for an open debate and discussion on evolution is being criticised by group of different persons. Most of the persons who are opposing him are neither scientist nor very learned intellectuals. They are neither eligible to comment on this topic nor rational in their approach. Readers will be surprised that they come from background like Media and Bollywood, something very far away from Science. Amazingly most of them belong to a class of Pseudo-intellectuals, hungry to get their names in media headlines. 

I will like to add that this is not the first time theory of Evolution is being challenged. In the whole World, Darwin Theory is rejected by different thinkers for its incapability to solve the queries associated with Evolution. The most bitter critic of Darwin are the followers of Christianity. It will be very absurd if anyone will try to associate Dr Singh and the Church. I am sure that all these Pseudo-intellectuals are well aware of this fact. 

Dr Satyapal Singh advocated to start a discussion between scholars on authenticity of the Theory of Evolution. He is saying to open doors for intellectuals to discuss on this topic under HRD ministry supervision. Instead of appreciating his spirit and dedication he is being targeted as irrational and illogical. This is quite absurd and it proves that a group of people knowingly want to gag his voice. There is a saying that if untruth is shouted a thousand times it starts appearing Truth. This deception is being promoted by a lobby for full-filling their vested interests. Most important is that why this lobby is worried about open debate? Are they thinking that their viewpoint will fall like a sand-house in front of logic? Why they want to escape from an open debate? After all for the growth of knowledge sharing of views is most important way. This mindset approach creates doubt in our mind about their impartial way of thinking. In contrary to that we found one of the press reporter made an ex-aggregated statement by saying that Dr Singh is harming the scientific temper by his approach. He even advocated removal of Minister from his post. This only proves reporter's arrogance and ignorance. 

Swami Dayanand the reformist scholar of 19th Century said ,

"One must always be eager to accept truth and reject untruth."

This is the spirit and approach needed for whole humanity.  Not just arrogance and high pitched opposition.

I am posting this petition in support of Dr Satyapal Singh because i feel that he is being unnecessarily targeted by pseudo intellectuals. Kindly support me in this noble cause.I will request Prime Minister of India and HRD ministry to organize a International level debate among scientists to prove whether Darwin was right or wrong.

Dr Vivek Arya