Saving Asian elephants from extinction

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India is home to the world's largest land mammal : the ElePhaNT! Only next in size to the African elephant, the Asian elephant weighs in about 3-5 tons. 

Only few would be not excited to share the sheer grandeur and the incredible intelligence of this magnificent animal. But the Asian elephants are endangered,  habitat loss and fragmentation, human settlements and constructions along the ancient corridors which the elephants still use for migrating during the dry season are threatening their very existence on the planet .  Human animal conflicts are rising allover the country and the ElePhaNT numbers continue to decrease!

 The Indian government is taking various measures  to increase the wild elephant population but it is not enough! Without improving the ecosystem and connecting the fragmented habitats where once the elephants roamed freely, any other measure would only provide a short term solution. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying other methods. 

As explained by a ranger himself at the Western ghats, there is no effective method or process to save left alone, stranded and orphaned wild elephant calves. The ranger continues, that he witnessed an orphaned baby elephant only months old whose mother died accidentally in the wild and was left alone, stranded in the wilderness. Hunger drives the calf towards human settlements, where the forest rangers finds the calf and chose to leave the calf alone and a few days later the calf succumbs the same fate as its mother, yes! The calf is found dead.

As we know baby elephants cannot survive without their mother for at least 2 years from birth, this petition focuses on establishing a body to take in such orphaned elephants, rise them and reintegrate them back in to the wild. As an example we quote the incredible work done by the Tsavo trust and Sheldrick trust in the African country, Kenya, where the elephants are facing a different but more terrible threat from ivory poaching.

The incredible success of the Tsavo and Sheldrick trust ( rising over 200 elephants in 40 years and reintegrated them back in to the wild~ Sheldrick trust) suggests that such a programme is fundamental, necessary and an effective method  to rise and save the already endangered Asian elephant.

 Elephants are also but our heritage, losing elephants would be like losing an integral part of our culture and heritage. But your support is crucial! Join in this campaign with us by signing this petition hoping to reach the Indian prime minister, Sri Narendra modi, to establish an organisation to rise orphaned elephants and reintegrate them back in to the wild and together we bring change.

                          ~Sivanesh Kanakarajan