Legal action against "the Quint" for defaming the spiritual leader H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar

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This is yet again another attempt to defame the spiritual leader and the founder of the Art of Living,His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar for no reason. This time "The Quint" has crossed its limits and cleverly tried to defame Him for destroying the Yamuna floodplains with the "World Cultural Festival" in 2016.
                  This is going on for a very long time indeed. First the NGT and now The Quint.NGT made false accusation against Him by their biased reports and demanded a fine with figures in crores.Now,this time,these scoundrels went ahead with their lies by "LIEING" to the farmers that Gurudev bought their land and organised an event their.Furthermore,they made clever cuts to the video showing how farmers are angry and upset on Him for destroying their Bread and Butter. reported today and exposed the lies of the "The Quint". Here are some excerpts
"The Quint video titled, “Happy Birthday Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, just don’t party like you did on Jamuna bank” has claimed that due to the World Culture Festival organised by AOL in 2016, the Jamuna floodplain has allegedly become too toxic to farm.
Our volunteers travelled to the area and spoke to the farmers regarding the issue. We also spoke to the same farmers that ‘The Quint’ spoke to, and the tale that emerged was extremely different. It seems that ‘The Quint’ has resorted to blatant lies and showing doctored and edited statements of the farmers. In some cases, they even misled farmers into believing that it was because of Sri Sri that they were not being allowed to farm when the truth is extremely different"

This is how "The Quint" lied about Gurudev destroying the Yamuna:

This is report from where the Lie is exposed;

Respected Sir.It is a request from all the volunteers and His well wishes to take legal action against these demons.We do not want such people anywhere on this planet.
These people have no shame,no guilt and this is going too far.Let us and Him live in peace.