Hinduphobia shown by Wikipedia by displaying false information about Delhi riots of 2020.

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One of the worst communal riot shook North East Delhi on 23 February 2020 and 42 people lost their lives in this horrendous incident.The beginning of riot is still unclear but it is believed that some outsiders ignited this riot.Wikipedia says, " Mobs carrying the saffron flags and chanting Jai Shri Ram vandalised and torched mosques and properties of Muslims......" also Wikipedia says, "Muslims were described as having been targeted by the rioters.The properties destroyed were disproportionately Muslim-owned and included four mosques, which were set ablaze by rioters" . In reality Hindus suffered badly from these riots , and one of the Hindu named Ankit Sharma was brutally murdered by a mob of different community in a nearby building owned by Tahir Hussain and was thrown in a nearby sewer ! Post Mortem report says he was stabbed by a sharp object more than 200 times ! But keeping all these information aside Wikipedia blames one community ( Hindus ) , one political party (BJP) and one person (Kapil Mishra) for these riots.Hiding half facts and displaying other half changes whole story of the riots and do injustice to the people suffered from these riots.Wikipedia should immediately edit the page and should display right facts without making Hindus villain.