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The proud patriotic citizens of india consider this aspect as a failure of the election commision of india[ECI]/"election regulatory body" in protecting the respect and dignity of our national flag,which is the 'physical symbol' of soverignty and integrity for the citizens of india.

By means of /in the name of -freedom of expression,the political parties have used the similar -featuristic design pattern and colour scheme,that of our indian national flag-into their political flag designs which resembles almost like our national flag-almost a replication.They have just replaced the ashoka chakra symbol with some pictures/symbols and made their political flags,which is absolutely unacceptable by any indian patriots-though everyone has the right to use 'any' colours including 'tri-colours' in any manner but not in the 'similar pattern' as that of our national flag-while creating an 'Political flag'.These political flags 'tend' to 'appear' as the modified versions of our national flag-which are creating nuisance and disturbance to the national interests.It appears to be a typical brainwashing thought of those political parties, whose 'agenda' about their flags is to make them appear as if a derivative of our national flag to woo people.It seems their simple logic is to woo voters/citizens through these flags-not only during election process but also during normal days .These flags have a 'dominating factor' over the indian national flag;not only -in terms of visual distinction-in distinguishing the national flag from that of,these political flags, but also-creating the nuisance and confusion in the patriotic citizens-especially illiterates of the country gradually --which ultimately paves a way for 'disturbing' and 'destabilization' factors against the 'national integrity'.

ECI machinary acted knowingly or unknowingly-without noticing the flag designs, they have blindly approved it for the usage;which indicates that,the ECI has compromised-in protecting the dignity,modesty,values and respect of our country's national flag.Its a failure of ECI in protecting them.It should have considered  such sensible factors of national interests before approving those political parties flag designs.

ECI should reconsider and disapprove those 'political flag designs' as a immediate measure along with the enforcement of new appropriate guidelines for political flag designs to protect the dignity and modesty of our national flag -against the replication of similar featuristic design pattern and colour scheme

Being the proud patriotic citizens on national interests, we urge administration machinary to look into the matter and take appropriate action.

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