Buyers are Dying due to Burden of EMI, Rent

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We, the home buyers of Morpheus Pratiksha  Noida Extension (Greater Noida West), We have booked our flats in year 2013, 2014 & so on, However, there is no sign of getting our home even after 5 years of booking. To have a home of its own is no less than a dream of a man and he saves each penny to buy a home one day. After putting all our hard earned money into buying a flat and after paying 80-90% of the flat amount, we have been waiting for over 5 years. There is no development taking place and builder have halted the work. Apparently because they are not getting enough money from the financiers. Looking at the construction progress, there is no sign of even getting our flat in next 5 years or so. Where are the buyer at fault? Is it a crime to have a dream of a man to have a home of his own? We as buyers, booked our flats because the authority had given the approval to builders to build homes and banks were financing the projects. Since then, we have been paying our EMIs to the banks & some of them are paying the rents. Banks are silent because they are getting their money through EMIs regularly, Authority is silent because they have got the money from builder. Where do we, the buyers go? In this nexus between builder, bank and authority, it is we the buyers who are bleeding and suffering. Every day and every month, we are draining our hard earned money with no sight of getting our homes in any near future.
If we fail to make the EMI payments on time, banks will further add interest and penalty on us.This is the last thing we could have done and sincerely hope and request our honorable Prime Minister, honorable Chief Minister, and honorable Supreme Court of India to intervene on the matter and resolve.
I request to all home buyers to support this so that our voice can reach to the concerned authority, and stop paying EMI, so that government can listen us.