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These were just a few things come to our mind, whenever I see police officers, I feel like to escape rather than feeling relax or feeling safeguarded.

I am writing this petition against Gurugram Police Officers/Department. I am a proud citizen of INDIA, who is the supporter of all good work being done by YUVA EKTA ZINDABAD FOUNDATION. A foundation being formed by a leader Mr. BOBBY KATARIA, who has been helping people for quite a long time now. He is a fierce leader who fight for the right of people Rich/Poor, he never runs after money, in this world where people don’t pay attention in someone else life, our beloved brother Mr. BOBBY KATARIA helps poor without asking for any money or help. Due to Mr. BOBBY KATARIA Gurugram Police was literally afraid, they have stopped taking bribe, they were helpless as they had no reasons or claims to shut BOBBY KATARIA live videos. However as I mentioned above, these cops are really not cops they are customised goons, who help people with big fat money, they are the one who can easily play with law and order.


 They arrested BOBBY BHAIYA on 25th Dec 2017, with no FIR/warrant, they quickly went to the judge’s (Ashish Arya) house to get the permission for 4 days remand, I have few questions on this:-

1.      What was that heinous crime, because of which Gurugram Police had to arrest him without any FIR/Warrant???

2.      Who has given them the right to beat him so cruelly???

3.      Why police department kept him hidden from public reach???

4.      Why police department didn’t let anyone to meet him, even his mom???

5.      Why police officers gave fake FIR’s???

Everyone knows about Gurugram police department, if someone tries to raise his/her voice they treat that person in the same way. This exactly what is happening now with MR. BOBBY KATARIA, today on 29th Dec 2017, there were almost 20 police officers came to the court, they had beaten BOBBY KATARIA so hard that he could not able to walk properly, police officers were holding him tight and pushing him upstairs. Police officers didn’t let anyone talk to BOBBY KATARIA, even at the court room they have placed 6 police officers including female police officers to not let anyone come in the court room even his family members.

They have filed another FIR of theft (stealing a wallet), think of it GUYS(ARE YOU SERIOUS), they did not leave with anything other they filing false FIR against BOBBY KATARIA, he has 2,18,309 (2 lacs +) followers, can anyone think of him stealing a wallet and few questions on this:-

1.      Why the judge (ASHISH ARYA) grant 2 days remand on this???

2.      Is this not a bailable offense???

3.      Why judge didn’t check the medical condition of BOBBY BHAIYA???

4.      Why judge didn’t let the family members of BOBBY BHAIYA to meet with him???

5.      Why judge didn’t send him in jail, if he finds him guilty???

6.      Why police officers took him beating all the way back to the police van???

7.      Why police officers force BOBBY BHAIYA to sign on a paper, without letting him ready, or any other person, like his lawyer or anyone to read what was written on that paper.


Honourable Prime Minister, I would like you to make the law and order same for everyone, please make considerable changes in the power being given to Police department:-

They abuse
They talk rude
They don’t respect people
They raise their hand on anyone
They put false charges on anyone and beat them till the time that person does not accept it.

 I would request you to please take some strict action against Gurugram  Police Department, as they make criminals, they catch/trap innocent people, they beat them to that extent which is  not even allowed and completely inhuman. BOBBY KATARIA is not a terrorist, why Gurugram Police is behaving in a such a way.

ZEE News has already shown that Gurugram Police is afraid of him, as he shows truth to the public. Due to which the bribery income has been stopped, because of which Gurugram Police wanted to take revenge. Other than this there is no such reason that Gurugram Police should have done this.

I want all of you to sign this petition against GURUGRAM POLICE DEPARTMENT, so that we can get justice for our beloved brother BOBBY KATARIA.

Any of you powerful leaders may help us to help BOBBY KATARIA, TODAY'S BHAGAT SINGH.... 


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