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The history of UMT should be told. It began very humbly as a small fisheries research station with minimal budget under UPM. Its development was kick-started when the Faculty of Fishery and Marine Sciences was closed down at UPM and relocated in 1995 to Mengabang Telipot Terengganu. At this time there was minimal development and majority of lecturers refused to move. Hence, the fisheries programme had go on with few far-sighted lecturers who wanted to transfrom the place into a fisheries and marine sciences university. All their effort came to fruition with the eventual establishment of UMT in 2001 after undergoing many transition stages. It eventually metamorphosed from a backwater fishing station to a  modern well-equipped state of the art university with four established research institutes majoring in aquaculture , oceanography, marine biotechnology and biodiversity ( Kenyir research institute). The original development was through the blood, sweat and tears of a few noble ultruistic individuals who wanted to see the improvement in the live style and economic devrlopment of the local community. Former students in 70's, 80's and 90's are amazed at  the transition of the campus and proud of being an alumni of UMT. Many of them are in the top echelon of fisheries department, private companies  and rich entrepreneurs including former  foreign students. I am sure most will gladly  sign the petition to acknowledge the past and ensure UMT does have  a future. How about you?