To force Govt of India to enhancePunishments for killing Schedule-1 may b Death Sentence.

To force Govt of India to enhancePunishments for killing Schedule-1 may b Death Sentence.

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Demand for Death Penalty for Murdering Schedule -1 animal in India




The spike in the Retaliatory killings ; Poaching of Schedule-1 animals in India is  becoming uncontrollable.     Killing of Kerala Pregnant female by explosives; Murder of 6 elephants in last 1 week in Chattisgarh by poisonings & electrocution is a wake up call for the Wild life lovers in India to raise their voice to stop this carnage and save these poor animals from extinction.


As many as 168 tigers died in the country in the last eight years due to poaching , snares and traps, poisoning by villagers and shooting. As many as 500 elephants died in last 5 yrs, 60% of which were due to poaching, electrocution & poisoning.


   In India on conviction in a wild life crime , the penalty for hunting is imprisonment for a period ranging from a minimum of three to a maximum of seven years with fines not less than 10,000 rupees for first offence and twenty five thousand for second offence.

But unfortunately firstly such cases are not properly investigated and secondly the rate of conviction is dismal low in our Country.


  It is a matter of grave concern that Tigers and Elephants in such a large numbers have died due to poaching . There is a need for stricter penal provisions to punish the guilty of wildlife crimes. The present  quantum of punishment in our Country is not big enough to act as a deterrent .


   In sharp contrast In Bangladesh the sentence is for life imprisonment and fine of Rs 2 lakh. In Malaysia killing of an endangered species like the tiger , Rhino invites a maximum punishment of Rs. 14 lakh and five years in jail or both if the animal is young or is a female. The Srilankan Elephant is protected and killing one carries the Death Penalty.


   Perhaps there is a feeling that wildlife is an expendable commodity. Murder of a schedule I species like Elephant or Tiger is not treated as equivalent to the murder of a human being. Why term poaching for killing wildlife & murder for killing a human being??


    Now let’s look at the modus operandi of our locals killing elephants ( pregnant mothers with 10 month foetus or calves) by exploding crackers in their mouth or poisoning the water bodies or hooking to 440 Volt or 11KV Transmission lines and burning these mute Jumbos alive by electrocution!!! Are they not gruesome murders ?Should such meditated & gruesome cruelty be given such light penalties?

        I appeal to Prime Minister  to amend current Wild life Protection Act to Immediately introduce Capital punishment for killing at least Schedule-1 animal in India.    “Justice needs to prevail".