NO to the COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill

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The "COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill"  breaches too many rights and violates the foundations of a democratic procedure.

It is therefore rejected. 

We demand that the Bill undergo a regular democratic process and that the response of the NZ Council for Civil Liberties be included in the debate, namely:

- Set this Bill to expire in 6 months rather than 2 years, so that the new government must recommit to its exceptional powers and with proper Select Committee scrutiny.

- Strengthen the requirements for reporting by the Attorney General around Bill of Rights breaches in the section 11 orders.

- Remove "without limitation" from the description of the types of orders that can be made. The powers are already wide and the government has already shown willingness to pass new laws quickly if required.

- Provide recognition of the right to protest and organise, safely, in the section 11 orders around gatherings.

- Review the requirements for medical examination or testing in light of the rights in sections 10 and 11 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act.

- Expire section 11 orders made by the Minister after 3 months. They could still be extended but this would require Parliament to review them.

- Clarify and strengthen the requirements for orders to be "under review", with mandatory monthly reporting.

- Expressed our concern about the broad powers of entry to homes, businesses, and marae, and recommended collecting and publishing data about the use of this power in order to assist with accountability.

- Recommended aligning the ability to demand information from people with the protections around misuse in the Policing Act.


To get the message loud and clear we must use all tools that are available to us right now. 

Emailing the PM is one of them. 

Let's say

'NO to the Covid-19 Public Health Response' Bill.