Prevent the execution of Murtaja Qureiris. An innocent, vulnerable 18 year old.

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Murtaja Qureiris is an 18 year old boy in Saudi Arabia.

He has been detained since the age of 13, for participating in anti-government protests. These 'offences' were allegedly committed when Qureiris was 10 years of age; he has spent 15 months in solitary confinement - a gruelling, excruciating experience. The Saudi Government wants to execute Qureiris, and then crucify and dismember his body. During his time in prison, he has been subject to beatings, and, in 2017, Qureiris was moved to an adult facility, despite the fact he was only 16. Throughout his time in detainment, he was denied access to a lawyer until August 2018; a clear abuse of his basic human rights. 

I want you to make noise. Saudi Arabia is a member of the United Nations, and is one of the countries which has signed the UN Convention On the Rights of the Child. By signing this convention, Saudi Arabia have agreed:
"Neither capital punishment nor life imprisonment without possibility of release shall be imposed for offences committed by persons below 18 years of age."

Yet, this promise has not been kept, and this is not the first time that the Saudi Government has carried out such brutal punishments. In April, they executed 37 men all in one day, for 'terrorist and security crimes'. According to Amnesty International, the majority of the men murdered were Shia Muslims, who confessed only through "sham trials that violated international fair trial standards" and "relied on confessions extracted through torture". One of those killed was only 18 when convicted of this 'crime'. Enough is enough.

The UK is a member of the UN. We have signed the convention for children's rights. It seems ignorant that we should just sit and let this happen. As a member of the United Nations, surely it is our Government's responsibility to recognise countries' dictatorial regimes, and to take action?
Let's not forget that the UK provides arms to Saudi Arabia - how are we still allowing that to happen? We should be taking every measure possible to minimise violence in other countries, even if they are on the opposite side of the planet. The murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi should have meant that we cut ourselves off from the country immediately, yet, apparently, we still think it's acceptable to help worsen violence in an-already dangerous country.

Murtaja Qureiris was ten years of age when he committed these alleged crimes, yet they are clearly not crimes. He is even being charged with attending the funeral of his own brother. The Saudi Government does not want to be questioned, nor do they want to be exposed by their own people. Their solution? Silence those who speak out. We should be disgusted by this maltreatment of a human who is simply a child. A ten year old on a bicycle does is not cause for murder, and the UK  should be taking action immediately, along with every other country in the United Nation. It seems that Amnesty are the only ones who are attempting to change this boy's fate.

If all the members of the United Nations came together, we may be able to save this boy's life, but we need to make ourselves heard - there have been too many cases of governments simply turning a blind eye to these torturous ways. If our country really, truly cannot intervene, we must at least call for our government to stop trading with the country, to stop supplying weapons. 

Please, sign this petition and share it with everyone; with your family, friends, colleagues, whoever. 

Don't let him be the 105th victim of execution in Saudi Arabia this year.

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