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Prevent skin cancer and protect our children's future with free sunscreen for every child.

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New Zealand’s skin cancer rates are among the highest in the world with it being the most common cancer in New Zealand. YET IT IS PREVENTABLE.

Over 90% of all skin cancer cases are attributed to excess sun exposure.

New Zealand's high skin cancer rates are largely due to:

  • High levels of radiation in New Zealand
  • Low ozone levels over New Zealand
  • Our outdoor lifestyle
  • A high proportion of fair-skinned people

The most important years for sun protection are during childhood and early adult years. Exposure to UV radiation during these years greatly increases the chance of getting melanoma later in life. If people protect their skin and avoid sunburn throughout their lives, their risk of melanoma is reduced.


It is estimated that it costs our health system $57,000,000 each year to treat skin cancer. 

I know the consequences of sun exposure and UV damage. I have a family member with melanoma. I have friends with melanoma. Things need to change.

In the midst of a scorching New Zealand summer, sunscreen for my three young children, aged 2, 5 and 7, costs $17 a bottle for SPF+50. Applied regularly, this lasts a week. For some families, this is an expense which can not be afforded. Yet, it needs to be. 

Sunscreen should be free or at the very least, subsidised. It should be available for home and readily available in every classroom and childcare centre in New Zealand. Spray on sunscreen would take less than 20 seconds to apply to each child. Every child in New Zealand should have access to sunscreen.

Sign this petition to have sunscreen for children made free or subsidised via prescription. Protect our children. They are our future.

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