Pressure Alamos Gold to Stop Forest Massacre in Turkey

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Canada-based gold-mining company Alamos Gold, Inc. has started to search for gold in the Kaz (Ida) Mountains in Northwestern Turkey. The total area that has been allocated to the company for gold search is around 3500 hectares (equivalent to 6540 football fields). 

Even though the project was only approved in March 2019, the negative impact it has had on the environment has already been enormous and it is only growing. The disregard of Alamos Gold, Inc. for the health of the inhabitants of the area as well as for the ecosystem, and the negligence/ complicity of the Turkish authorities endanger the clean water sources of 180,000 people, as the company is projected to use around 20,000 tonnes of cyanide to mine gold.

Moreover, 98.7% of the mining area is covered with pristine forests, which are home to 18 mammal species, 41 bird species, 10 reptile species, 117 insect species, and 283 plant species. (Not to mention the mythological/historical importance of the region, which is only 40 miles away from the ancient city of Troy.) These primeval forests are under a vicious attack right now.

According to the satellite images, the mining activity in the region has already resulted in the destruction of about 200,000 trees and counting (which is already more than 4 times the initial number of trees that had been planned to be cut down according to the environmental impact report that was published before the project was approved).  

It is time to act NOW!

Pressure Alamos Gold, Inc. to recognize its environmental responsibilities, step down from the project and leave the Ida forests alone!

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