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Kids need Physical Therapy and Equipment!

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My daughter Candice is an incredible and AWESOME young 11 year old with a fantastic laugh! She earns great grades, is in choir, is in Girl Scouts and our church youth group, she wants to be a teacher, loves her Green Bay Packers, loves to learn and loves reading! Candice has Cerebral Palsy. She was born with it. She has had twice a week therapy since she was about a year when they finally diagnosed it correctly. In spite of her disability she inspires those around her to be kind, to work hard, to laugh, to enjoy life and to never give up! Kids with Cerebral Palsy have until they are done with puberty to gain as much ground as they can to improve motor function. These kids are not only fighting the neurological disorder of Cerebral Palsy itself, they also have to fight while their body is making all kinds of puberty changes, weight gain from growth, and time! Her pediatrician, her Orthopedics Dr, her Special Needs Specialist, her adult friends, her peers, her Aides at school, her PT's, her OT's, and all the people who interact with her know she needs therapy. And Candice works hard, she wants to be independent! And yet the insurance company and the appeals court judges say she doesnt need it. Why because of money? Why can't they see this is about the quality for the rest of her life? Why doesn't anyone who makes these decisions see that standing her ground through all this is just as important as those periods of time where she is making her goals? Her physical therapy has been cut down to once every other week, that is less than maintaining and it shows! There are news stories all the time about adults ripping off the system yet where are the news stories about the effects that the state then cuts funds for these kids! I've contacted politicians, I've contacted news agencies, my friends have reached out to politicians including the President, and even to Ellen DeGeneres, but no one seems to be listening? This is not just about Candice, this is happening to kids all over our country with every insurance company, and they all need our help!! Please STAND FOR CANDICE and these kids! Please tell the insurance companies they MUST cover more physical therapy for kids especially while going through puberty! Please help me Stand For Candice!

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