Clemency for Tynice Hall

Clemency for Tynice Hall

June 13, 2016
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Started by Arlinda Johns

When I was 19 years old, I made the colossal mistake of being romantically involved with a man who was living a criminal lifestyle by distributing illegal drugs. This iniquitous choice I made not only affected my life, freedom and future, but my family and my community in the most detrimental way possible. 

In my naivety, I thought that I could not be held responsible for my boyfriends behavior or actions. I turned a blind eye, although I was not directly in contact with his illegal activities or criminality, I reaped the financial benefits of the illegal drug trade. Those material things hold no real value and were not worth my freedom and my life.I knew that there could be consequences and repercussions for him if he was to ever get caught, but I had no idea that I could be equally punished for having knowledge about his actions.

After three years of my on/off again relationship with this man, federal agents kicked in my door with a search warrant.  I was home alone. Two guns were found that belonged to my boyfriend and drugs. The house was in my name; therefore I was held liable for everything in the house and convicted for possessing the drugs and guns in the commission for a crime. I was taken into custody, never to be released again.

I now accepted responsibility for my role and know that ignorance of the law and turning a blind eye to a crime being committed does not make me innocent or ignoring the criminal behavior of a drug dealing. I absolutely knew what he was doing was wrong; there is no excuse for my behavior. Twelve years later, I remain in prison for bad choices and getting involved with a felonious man. Although my involvement was minimal, conspiracy law held me accountable for all of the illegal conducts, making me equally culpable as my co-defendant, who actually peddled the illegal drugs. I was unable to provide substantial assistance to the United States Attorney due to the fact I had no knowledge of the inner working of his lawless undertakings. I wanted to immediately take a plea deal because I was scared I didn't understand or know what to do. Therefor I went to trail, in hopes that the jury would also agree that my roe was far more minimal than his, thus imposing a sentence that was fair an fit the description of the acts I committed. After going to trial, I received the enhancements a the top of the guidelines as if I was the leader/organizer of the operation.

Originally, I was sentenced to 360 months plus an additional 60 months for a gun enhancement. Due to the retro-activity application of Amendment 750 and 782, I was blessed and grateful to have my sentence lowered by decades. Unless I am granted clemency, I will remain in prison for the majority of my young adult life for having knowledge and not reporting the criminal lifestyle of my boyfriend lived and that I occasionally benefited from.

Prior to my arrest, I was attending classes to become a real estate agent. Life growing up was an average life for me. I had a very good upbringing. I graduated from high school and took some college classes. My decisions making my downfall. At the time of my sentence, I was a immature, 22 year-old that made some poor choices wanting to maintain the love and acceptance of my boyfriend and friends. After serving 12 years in prison and being away from my family during the holidays, births and even deaths of those dear to me, I realized I was seeking these things from someone that didn't have my best interest at heart. I do not  and will not let my past failures dictate my future, and I use my time now wisely to guide me into being a better person and the best woman that I can be.

During my prison time I have graduated from the school of Culinary Arts at Danbury Federal Correction Institution. And acquired different apprenticeships: Housekeeping, Bakers and Cook. Moreover, I have instructed sever classes such as "Cage your Rage", which is an anger management class that teaches people how to manage their anger and redirects it into positive outcomes. I use to think that what you don't know can't hurt you, but now I realize it can kill you and take your freedom in the blink of an eye. This life altering mistake has taught me that my life is more valuable than the price I was willing to pay for a man's love. I understand the affect my actions had on society as a whole from the economy to the communities devastated by drugs and criminal behavior.

If I am granted clemency, my plan is to successfully reintegrate into society by accomplishing the many goals I have set for myself. I plan to utilize the major of Sociology that I am working on through Adams State University by working with the underprivileged at risk youth. My overall plan is to work full time to help support my family and use everything that I have learned as a stepping stool. I believe that there are consequences for your actions whether knowing or unknowing and that the decisions you make today can affect you for the rest of your life, I've lived with an enormous amount of guilt but at the same time, that guilt has been motivation for me to reveal my true character and the woman I have become. I've shown that my mistakes may have knocked me off course, but it didn't deter me from the outcome of what my future holds upon my release.

My prayer is that you will be merciful in deciding to give me a second chance. My family is my source of strength that helps me pull through daily. My hope is to relieve my mother of my responsibilities and to be the woman that I know that I can be. My wish is to granted clemency and become a model citizen. To learn from my mistakes and teach others to avoid theirs.


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This petition made change with 71,037 supporters!

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