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President, Senate And Congress: Let's Curtail Job Offshoring!

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When U.S. corporations outsource jobs overseas, they create a cycle of unemployment, lost tax revenues and damage to the U.S. manufacturing infrastructure. We've had over thirty years of the people who are supposed to represent the American voter, not just American corporations, passing "free" trade agreements, lowering trade tariffs and granting Permanent Normal Trade Relations to China. The net effect of this has been a massive loss of jobs that no amount of exporting will offset, stagnant or reduced wages and in many cases, working people going into debt just to put food on the table and pay the rent or mortgage. A side effect of manufacturing in China is the sharing of U.S. manufacturing technology with a place that just happens to still be a Communist country!

This petition asks that our elected officials make working Americans whole by re-instituting the trade tariffs that were reduced or eliminated over the past thirty years. In addition, it asks that Congress, The Senate and The President refrain from signing any new "free" trade agreements, rescind existing ones and pass the appropriate legislation to curtail corporate job offshoring.

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