President's stance toward Iran is proper

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While Iran has been going through its current political crisis, President Obama has kept a low profile and resisted overt criticism of Iran's government. For, since President Obama inherited the destruction of Iran as a foreign policy, through, covert interventionism, as everyone knows, since the usa put Iran on the "Axis of Evil" list, of countries they'll destroy, we can't let the Iranian supposed election opposition, yet, not prior to electon, election reforming, embrace violence; for, the parts of it that are CLIA/Mossad/MI6, corporate conspirators, etc., mainly in its leadership, are being duped into wanting a civil war, which could be 'used' by Israel to justify destroying Iran's nuclear energy capacity, which would force Iran to declare war on Israel, which would, then, supposedly, force the usa to declare war on the non-CLIA/Mossad/MI6 half of Iran; again, as in Iraq, realizing the head of the remocratic conspiracies global supposed Christian, anti-Islam and life, blitzkrieging spear- a, supposedly necessary, unnecessary war against Iran, Islam, and all life, etc..  Some members of Congress, on the other hand, have rushed to condemn the election results and Iranian government leaders without considering how their comments could hurt the very people they are trying to help.