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President of the US OCC Office of Mortgage settlement Oversight.: Make banks involved in wrongful foreclosure refund all mortgage payments


The banks got a big bailout which in return they were supposed to help people who lost an income or other hardship to keep their home. But instead they falsified documents, lied , denied people modifications or any other help.The banks  lost the payments the homeowner tried to make, then claim default, then steal the home. Or they advise the homeowner to stop making payments in order to qualify for a “loan mod” better terms on a new mortgage, often under one of the government programs then steal the home. But banks and their lawyers consider these “victimless crimes and robbed us of our homes, by falsifying paperwork loosing documents, robo signing and plain just not caring. Then the IFR was a total joke most of us did not get put in correct categories and got a slap in the face again. The banks must be held accountable and we the people need justice. In good faith we the people paid our mortgages only to have them robbed from us during time of hardship.   I feel that the banks should be made  to refund every cent of mortgage payments made to  those of us who were wrongfully foreclosed on  and they should also remove every trace of it from our credit reports with ALL 3 credit reporting agencies so we can have restored credit.   This is an injustice and seems like the banks are allowed to get away with this bullying.  They are not to big to fail.

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