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Stop the US Navy from killing thousands of whales.

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The United States Navy is sending sound waves throughout our oceans that are louder than jet engines by testing sonar technologies. These sound waves can travel tens or even hundreds of miles, disrupting the basic functions of whales and dolphins. 

Whales and dolphins rely on echolocation in order to locate each other as well as prey. With these earsplitting sounds pulsing through the water, there is no way these animals will be able to carry out basic functions needed to survive. There are not able to locate food or find a mate.

These sounds are so loud that they are causing the the lungs of animals to burst and even their brains to bleed. If the sounds are not making the animals deaf, then they are killing them. 

The Navy is also planning to test explosives in the oceans, causing even more deaths to these innocent animals. Thousands of these animals have already died due to these tests or from being struck by the ships carrying out these tests. The US Navy is well aware of what they are doing and they even estimate that by the time they finish these tests in 2019, 138,500 whales and dolphins will either have been injured or killed. 

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