The Hot Springs National Scenic Trail Proposal

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Originally, a long-distance hiking trail from hot spring to hot spring was nothing more than a personal journey that I was creating simply to hike and enjoy for myself, but due to the incredible experiences that I had and the places that I saw while hiking it, I became compelled to publish a guidebook so that others could enjoy it too and so that it could be used as a template for an official Hot Springs National Scenic Trail.

"A great challenge with huge rewards."

That's what Drew Reams, the first person to complete a major section of The Hot Springs Trail said after his groundbreaking journey. He went on to say:

"I can easily see this route being the culminating capstone trail of the Quadruple Crown."

Lovers of nature and fans of the outdoors from our nation and abroad would like to see more National Scenic Trails on the ground here in the US; while at the same time, hot spring areas are getting overgrown and taken over by riff-raff. 

Hot springs are a national treasure and one that deserves both visitation and protection. A Hot Springs National Scenic Trail would utilize our lands in a way that promotes community and health tourism for our people, economy and recreational tourism for our country, respect and awareness for the beauty and benefits of hot springs everywhere, and the spirit of challenge for all to enjoy.

Help the American Dream of adventure and discovery stay alive and honor the work that has already been put into the finding, building, and maintaining of these amazing hot springs and the trails that are used to visit them.

Help protect these sacred waters and lands in a way that still leaves them therapeutic and accessible to the people.

Designate The Hot Springs Trail as a National Scenic Trail.

And thank you for signing my petition.

I support The Hot Springs National Scenic Trail Proposal...