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Enforce the Free to Roam laws, and release the kitties from kill shelters.

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We all know our pets have purpose, back in the late 1800's cats were used in Egypt as baby sitters. The cats would protect and kill snakes and keep them away from babies.  Then it was discovered cats were instinctively hunters of vermin basically rodents, snakes, bugs, and more!

Maryland also follows the federal free to roam law which states, cats are FREE TO ROAM, they can not be picked up by animal control for being out of their yards etc. If a cat is picked up by animal control they are to be taken to the vet for a wellness check, clip a v into their ear for identification and spayed/neutered and then released. They ARE NOT allowed to hold and euthanize cats for any other reason than being too ill or unless an owner surrenders them.

This is not a state, do as you please how and if you choose to follow. Yet that is what it's become animal control around the US are choosing to keep them in their custody and euthanizing them for being "feral" well that is illegal under the federal free to roam law. I petition and demand that animal control follow and obey this law. They need to start taking them to the vet, having them spayed or neutered and released back so that they can do their job of killing rats, rodents, snakes and other pest. By spaying and neutering them as they are caught and releasing them the pet population will decrease and they will be safe from being murdered.  QUIT IGNORING LAWS...they are there on a federal level therefore TEXAS is NOT EXEMPT to choose if they follow or not. Keep our kitties out of the Euthanasia   room. More cats are brought into the shelters and killed and taking up more space when its not legally necessary. This space could be used for dogs in need of homes.

We also want free to roam rights to include cats and dogs, there should be TNR colonies for dogs and cats in which they are exempt from being captured by animal control, abused by people, and any other inhumane treatment. Those who operate a TNR program should also have the right to pull quarantined animals and those who were brought in as strays or feral to enter into their programs. Being most TNR operations are not rescues and have limited funds they should be exempt from requiring a 501c3 to pull. This is our petition.

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