Student loan forgiveness for healthcare providers

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    As healthcare providers, we are on the front lines of the Covid19 pandemic. We are putting our lives and the lives of our families on the line to take care of our nation. We are working ourselves past exhaustion to deliver care to the sick and dying to try to save as many lives through this pandemic as we can. This is why we trained, and what we feel called to do. We give our time, our knowledge, our compassion, and sometimes our lives to serve our communities. 
    In this uncharted territory that could have long term effects on the physical and mental health of healthcare providers, we ask that our student loans be forgiven. Military personnel are given hazard pay for times when they are in the direct line of fire of a hazard. If that doesn’t describe the current climate of this pandemic, nothing does. Healthcare providers: nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, paramedics, EMTs, nurses aids, sonographers, are all putting their lives on the line for the welfare of the country. While most of the country shelters in place, socially distances themselves, and steps back from the danger, we lean in. We provide the care and the touch that heals and comforts sick and scared people. It seems like it would be a small kindness to forgive us the cost of the education that provided us the knowledge and training to care for our nation.