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Defund Title IV and remove the ASF Act H.R. 867

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Dear President Donald Trump and Elected Official,

You have promised the American people that you want to make America great again. You have spoken on national television and vowed to sotp the horrific practice of child trafficking for sex.  Our children are not for sale.  Please stop subsidized child trafficking; end federal funding of Title IV <IVE & VE>, remove the ASF Act (Adoption and Safe Family Act) H.R. 867, bring our children home and stop them from being stolen from parents across this nation.

De-fund Title IVE & IVD,
This is not occurring by some foreign entity in some other country, it is happening on American soil and being orchestrated by our very own Government. Specifically Child Protective Services (DHS/DCFS/DSS/CPS) & Family Courts in every state across our GREAT NATION.

The lives, health, and well being of our children are in clear and present danger as long as the Department of Child and Family Services has the power to remove them from our care without cause, without warrants or justification. As public service employees in all sectors of government continue to fail to uphold the law or protect those they were selected to serve & protect under The Constitution of The United States. The future of our children and families hang in the balance…


The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Wash-
ington D.C. reports: Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the
United States -
Children in CPS custody: Physical Abuse (160)
Children in Parent’s custody: Physical Abuse (59)
Children in CPS custody: Sexual Abuse (112)
Children in Parent’s custody: Sexual Abuse (13)
Children in CPS custody: Neglect (410)
Children in Parent's custody: Neglect (241)
Children in CPS custody: Medical Neglect (14)
Children in Parent’s custody: Medical Neglect (12)
Children in CPS custody: Child deaths (6.4)
Children in Parent’s custody: Child deaths (1.5)
Children in State care are 7 times more likely to suffer abuse in
foster care than they are in their own homes 

We demand that our The President of the United States and through him the Federal Government:
#1. Stop the Title IVe & Ve funding promoting these crimes.
#2. Open a nation wide investigation into these agencies.
#3. Hold accountability for corrupt CPS Agencies and Family Courts.
#4. To return the children who were stolen to their families.
#5. To fire fraudulent and unqualified employees within CPS and the Family Court System immediately.

#6.  Pass legislation which re-affirms the god given rights of parents to care for the children born to them by re-structuring the entire DSS/DCFS/CPS department. 

DCFS/CPS no longer rescues truly abused and neglected children as they consider them "DAMAGED GOODS" and un-marketable. Cps receives $80,000.00 per child, that they remove & place with a stranger. They receive in excess of $140,000.00 per child if they get one of their in-pocket doctors to diagnose these children with conditions they do not have, & medicate them with drugs they do not need. If these children survive, and age out of foster/adoptive care, they are basically thrown out into the streets with no place to go, no family to reach out to, drug addicted, and no survival or job skills. Many of these children then become homeless & turn to crime as it is the only thing they can find in which to survive.

These families Civil, Constitutional, Human, and Disability Rights are being grossly violated. Families are not given due process, fair chances at reunification, are maliciously sabotaged.  Their children are being taken without warrants, without court orders, where no imminent danger is present. Court appointed attorneys often are colluding with cps officials and make sure that these families lose their cases. Retained attorneys charge outlandish fees, bleed their clients dry, then withdraw their services as soon as these families can not pay them anymore. The media is bought off by CPS to not interview these families, run their stories, or even acknowledge the corruption going on in Child Protective Services or the Family Courts. The court silences these families by placing frivolous gag orders, restraining orders on them, and fining them if they tell anyone what is being done to them.

With over half a million children being removed from good families and placed in foster care every year, our country is not only spending three times more to remove and detain children than it would cost to help low-income and disabled parents to become better parents and make America great once again, many of these children are from white middle class homes.

"November 19, 1997, President Bill Clinton signed into law, the ASF Act (Adoption and Safe Family Act) H.R. 867 intended to make it easier to remove children from abusive families and speed up their adoption.

This Act marked a fundamental change in child welfare moving away from the presumption of reunification with biological parents and family members. "  " The incentives provided in cash assistance for foster care and standards for the use of that money, but has little actual control over the manner for system operated on a state by state basis."  Lori L Callies, June 19, 2016, "State incentive to traffic children; history & overview; June 24,2016 pt. 2 to representative open letter."

On website you will find a pdf file of the money earned on the state by state adoption incentive statistics from 1998-2014.
Over $500 million has been earned from adopting our children out since the Incentivized adoption policy was installed.

There is no moral or ethical injunction to explain the rampant disregard for family's Civil Rights, human rights, or parental rights executed by government officials, sworn to serve their fellow American citizens.

Our children are becoming scared, traumatized, mentally ill, raped, incarcerated, drugged, marginalized, violated, homeless, and killed, every day while in the legal custody of employees of the Department of Children and Family Services, CPS. Local, state, and federal officers and departments across America are aiding in the destruction of families, based on very little to no reason and discriminatory discretion.

On January 30, 2015, Attorney General Kamala Harris was quoted by the LA Times.  She stated that "of all the discrete parts contributing to our concern about human trafficking, our foster care system is a big one.... The foster care system in California is not working."

And the horror does not stop there:

At this time more than 50% of the children removed from their parents' care end up in jail by the age of 20. Over 70% of them will suffer from mental and physical disabilities, and more than 50% of our children are ill and dying of SIDS, improper care, depression, and medical overdose due to loss of family, home, and dignity. How is this helping our youth? How is this making America great?

Children are often taken out of their parents’ home and placed with strangers in strange towns that they do not have any familiarity with. This causes many of our children to act out and become emotionally traumatized. They are often taken to see all kinds of doctors and given intrusive assessments and shots which are harmful to them.

Therapist, counselors, and social workers try to keep our children from becoming unruly at the inhumane treatment they receive, by giving them diagnosis and treatment with more drugs. Many of these drugs have been discovered to cause severe depression, obesity, suicidal tendencies, and other mental and physical health complications which eventually lead to an early death.

Our babies are detained from as early as birth and placed in homes with people who are not equipped to care for them properly, leading to accidental deaths by chocking, SIDS, or other life terminating actions, some murdered. Social workers, foster homes, and caretakers are not given background checks and are not well regulated. Many of the employees hired do not even have adequate qualifications to perform the job they are paid to do.  There is no government oversight of this department.

Contact with these children’s biological parents is very limited and controlled and when our children ask to come home, we are unable to let them due to the department’s discretion and blanket jurisdiction. Parents civil rights are repeatedly violated and, when we protest this treatment, we loose even more of our rights. While parents are court mandated into a series of programs, classes, and groups, which are taught by uneducated and underqualified/unqualified employees, our children are kept apart and are quite often moved from multiple foster homes due to the caretaker’s inability to handle them. Brothers and sister are separated from each other and contact can be severed if the parent does not comply with unreasonable expectations, the dependency case is closed, and parental rights are terminated.

This leads many children to run away, steal, and exhibit other criminal activity and, when caught, they are placed in juvenile detention or back into a stricter foster home. When children go missing, the biological parent is rarely informed and has no ability to help in their relocation.

This is destroying the youth of America and the future of America's legacy.

Please Make America Great again.  Abolish incentivized adoptions.  Bring our children home.

Please stop federally subsedized child trafficking; De-fund Title IV <IVE & IE>,remove ASF Act (Adoption and Safe Family Act) H.R. 867, stop incentivized adoption, and stop the destruction of America's children and families by returning our children home. #supportfamilyvalues, #TAKEN, #stolen, #erased

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