Stop Illegal Gangstalking

Stop Illegal Gangstalking

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Nicole Larkin started this petition to President of the United States and

October 5, 2021

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President Joe Biden,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention "Illegal Gangstalking" that is being carried out by regular Civilians, Retired Military, current Federal Employees and Retired Federal Employees as well as Felone Civilians of The United States of America.

My petition letter is to stop end, dismantle and destory "Illegal Gangstalking" happening to many innocent Americans.

This dangerous cowardly unhumanitarian acts are being carried out everyday against innocent American's for know reason at all. I have tons of stories backing this petition of the innocent slient  Holocaust being carried out on tons of Americans.

They are using Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) and v2k (Voice to Skull) as well as Radio frequency (RF) Radiation Microwaving devices (Microwave Auditory Effect) Infrasound A1 Voice Cloning Software, Mind Control, Nano Psychotronics, Excessive Stalking and following innocent Americans around everywhere, Hacking Bank Accounts/Bank Credit Cards, Street Threatre/Anttics, Color/Car Sequence Stalking, Interstate Stalking and Mobbing and Work Mobbing, Community Mobbing and Street Campaign (meaning loud noise or performance muffler action) As well as Ghost Riding the whip and Fishtailing out on streets and parking lots. Hacking/Stealing money off smart devices by remotely cloning your smart devices using github commands. Breaching and hacking company software with Spyware/Sniffers, Packet Sniffing. How Bad Guys Spy On Your Data. Remotely Cloning smart devices and sim cards without touching the device just using a simple phone number or phishing email/text messages and robo calls. The Illegal gangstalkers are using 24/7 Illegal Surveillance (being followed, electronic surveillance, computer and phone hacking, monitoring all online activities, and bugging of home)Sniffing on free Wi-Fi. Packet sniffing is the method a hacker would use to capture information from a wireless network that wasn’t secured, such as one at coffeehouse, airport, mall or hotel. Hacking secure wifi and getting thru using apk hack apps and spoof spyware. Cloning even your IP Addresses and IMEI/ICCID numbers of smart devices. Lets not to mention Electronic torture thats carried out by these illegal thugs. Illegal gangstalkers rape, molest, steal, kill, hack, stalk, and destory innocent Americans this should not be happening against Americans with know where to run too, nor speakout against and report and notify proper authority. Most Police are unaware of Gangstalking and pretend they don't understand your complaints, instead Law Enforcement send you over to MHMR (MyHealthMyResource) which most Targeted Individuals think Authority is sending them to the Mental Illness Dividision. Conditioning where victims are sensitised to certain stimuli such as everywhere you go someone will cough as they walk past you. The goal is to make you self police and then think anyone who coughs is involved in the harassment. Mobbing (or true gangstalking) where everywhere you go you will see an overt display of people following you and often use words you have been conditioned to or your name to draw your attention. Further to the above, gangstalkers rely on disbelief and discrediting and as such much of the harassment is designed (at least initially) to mimic mental health issues. They also rely on their abuse being so extreme, so pervasive, so fundamentally immoral, as to be disbelieved and victims subsequently resort to photographing, videotaping, and sound recording their everyday encounters to disprove the countless unfounded claims made against them - especially in relation to gaslighting, which gangstalkers try to turn around and paint the victims as paranoid or irrational. Blackbag jobs is a term when a harasser breaks into a victims property and places something or deliberately moves something. The purpose is to cause self doubt, and fear that their property is being accessed which harassers try to then sell as paranoia. Baiting or entrapment where victims are harassed to the point that they lash out and commit a crime such as assault, break and enter or vandalism, as they try and locate the source of the harassment. Harassers will actively try to provoke verbal and physical confrontations especially after a period of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation - this is perhaps one of the most insidious tactics used where victims are woken multiple times a night and can be kept awake for days at a time. The effects are dramatic and completely debilitating effecting concentration, mood, irritability, appearance, and significantly impacts all areas of their life - job performance, relationships, and significantly aids in discrediting the victim as they appear unorganised, disheveled, and sleeping patterns alter so they may sleep during the day (where noise campaigns are more effective) and be awake at night (where they can be painted as the one making noise and being a disruptive member of the community). Or they are prompted into an activity which can then be used as leverage such as affairs, sexuality, drug use, or other criminal activity. Victims are made to feel helpless as every attempt to defend themselves is used against them and when they seek help they aremet with disbelief or open hostility. People report of conditioning to include hand gestures, an overt use of colour in peoples clothing (like everyone you see wearing red) or cars a certain colour or with headlights on (also known as brighting). Sound campaigns which is a community harassment technique where abnormal levels of sound are directed at the victim and their home. This includes cars deliberately breaking or accelerating when they pass, people talking excessively loudly at all hours of the night, amplification of sound using directional speakers so that external sounds that previously couldnt be heard now can, garbage trucks and other heavy vehicles, and countless other deliberate tactics. Propaganda and disinformation is also the other key element to suppress knowledge of this practice as its effectiveness initially requires the victim to be unaware of the existence of gangstalking, gaslighting, or the electronic technologies such as directional speakers so huge amounts of time are devoted online to creating disinformation sites which attempt to discredit victims by pushing the mental health agenda. They achieve this by posing as victims and actively trying to sound crazy so that all victims are are treated as such. Also by creating websites claiming to help victims and being a resource for victims to come together and then harassing them to the extent that they lose hope and no longer reach out for help causing further isolation. The use of directional speakers which have the ability to direct sound to a single individual in a crowded room. This particular item is ultimately the most used and is often referred to as V2K or Voice to Skull and is used extensively in the psychological breakdown of the victim. The use initially is to cause the victim to doubt their sanity and drive them into the mental health system, and later to just torment and never give the victim a moment of privacy or peace. If they do enter the mental health system, then harassment escalates dramatically as the victim has now been "discredited" and can be labeled as someone with a mental problem if they do speak out about the harassment.. These illegal gangstalkers place animal sniffer on humans, were you smell their stinky crap and they smell you take a crap or cook. Blowing Marijuana thru animal sniffer and other drugs. Gaslighting is one other tactic illegal Gangstalkers use. Anchoring where someone will provide false rationales for the harassment. These Illegal gangstalkers are very very grimmy and will do anything for money, drugs, cars, clothes and materials known to man kind. Also, illegal gangstalkers will disrupt your sleep and deny the Target Individual from working and making a honest living. The mission is to destory the Targeted Individual by taking them as low as possible or even self harm to death and murder. We would like the Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence students and graduates to be held accountable with and without licenses certifications and diplomas to never link high intelligence to civilian life. Meaning while attending schools for our Country's highly secure accredited schools you should be required to sign a written agreement to not link Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Military Intelligence, Federal and High Profile intelligence to non-certified or unapproved civilian or personal of any kind. To hold our responsible Americans accountable for everyones safety. It is very very dangerous to link out such High Intelligence information to the wrong unauthorize individuals. We all have to be held accountable  for our own actions in our society. These types of acts should not be carried out in our Society without proper approval of local, County, State or Federal approval. These are not the real CoinTel Pro Federal Programs nor Real CIA gangstalkers. This is at the hands of Civilians, Retired Federal Agents, Off Duty Federal Employees placed on non-pay status using the memtioned illegal system to advance up the chain of command by Gangstalking their way up the ladder by placing fear on others or workforce mobbing, Retired Military and any high Intelligence Security. We all should not cheat our way up to the top nor show others our jealously.

I petition all the above criminal activity against all humaity in America to stop Its modern day enslave hostage illegal gangstalking acts, to be investigated, allow avenues for toll free hotline support and tip hotline. Targeted Individuals need job resources in EMF protected environments until safe to rebuild trust back into our society. I am petitioning that punishment be render for such devastating heinous criminal activity as follows:

Death Penalty and Life without parole

The mentioned crime should be called The Torture Act for innocent Targeted Individuals. Illegal gangstalking kills innocent lives and Americans.

To add to the above petition, A little sneppit of my story of "Illegal Gangstalking" is one of million story's untold, creepy, inhumane and devastating insane. It's amazing that I am still alive here in the United States. It's a very horriffic report and I am still being Illegal Gangstalked as I write to petition this letter by a coward domestic torrist Alayah aka (illegal) gangstalker name Slowpoke current employee of Denton Texas FEMA. A little bit of what happened I told on her for bad conduct towards me and left the Agency 09/11/2019 and was placed back on into the Federal Agency (FEMA) 03/2020 I started to notice I had v2k in year of 2020 and had been noticing I was harassed 2016 whenever I started my career at FEMA Denton Texas. I reported that one individual not realizing it was a whole cell of them awaiting me from a prior government Agency (SBA) Soft alerting chain of command shouldnt be consider Whistleblowing. Im being told over v2k I am a Whistleblower for stopping adult bullying on the job. I have shared my story with many other Targeted Individuals across the World. Work Force Retaliation should never result into "Illegal Gangstalking" by any work related peer on such a petty matter handle and resolved by Human Resources. It should never be taken out of context result to harming and killing your coworker or anyone. The above mentioned acts are done by knowing people who have or had access to all or some Artificial Intelligence, Military Intelligence and Cyber Security, Information Technology, Known groups of hackers, theives, rapist, pediphiles, sexual predators, murders and people with no reguard for humanity. These evil criminal acts are not how the American should be treated. Please stop end "Illegal Gangstalking". I will not report I'm being "Illegal Gangstalked" to FEMA's Denton Texas Human Resources fear of more Retaliation. But has been reported with other Federal Agencies starting with ftc. gov, and and more to come, and United Nation. I do understand it's not FEMA gangstalking me and nor the whole Federal Government or Any Government Agency. It's an "Illegal Gangstalking Domestic Terror Cell" associated and backed by Alayah aka Slowpoke of FEMA Denton Texas.

This will make a better and safe Society and a humbling peaceful America.

Kind regards,


Nicole Larkin


I currently still have and is living with v2k (Voice to Skull) placed on my head and illegal 24/7 surveillence, TOTAL SURVEILLANCE, MIND-READING, BODY-MIND CONTROL, DREAM MANIPULATION - USING NEUROWEAPONS - REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING MODULE ('RNM') being carried out as we speak and its not my FEMA Agency it's people connected with Alayah aka Slowpoke which I learned of her nick name over v2k. How do I know, I saw her dad and uncle, bestfriends, friends and family members whom  tried to  kill and stalk me.  Some of the mention have DEW, v2k and Artificial Intelligence and hacking information technology skills and access from prior Military Intelligence Retired, Federal Retired and worked either Artificial Intelligence. Somebody has the access and know how to mock the CoinTel Pro Program, it's not done as professional, due to felones and rapist hired on to carry out evil nasty acts over v2k, 24/7 surveillrnce, broadcasting AI voice cloning software, sending out random unknown sources to stalk, follow and harass me and others. These Illegal Gangstalking thugs placed Satellite EMP on me at my mother house, and Geez, I almost died. I screamed so loud in front of my Mother in the garage whom didnt understand what was happening to me and she still doesn't understand. Satellite EMP separated the back of my brain temporary until they stop the EMP. It's a feel you never want to feel placed on you. I begged Alayah and her illegal gangstalker group to spare my life and cut off the satellite EMP, it was her dad controlling the attack she begged her own to stop and Alayah stated to him I didnt tell you to do that dad and I didnt want you to kill Nicole just scare her dad not kill her. Alayah aka Slowpoke begged her dad and friends and family to let me go. Same thugs placed real Military DEW on me at Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments in North Richland Hills, Texas 76180. I survived it with foil on top of mattress head to toe, extra bedding covers and two yoga mats. Ex Military personel with Military Intelligence used their Military DEW access and gave all access to non-Military civilians to carry out street crimes thru out my community. Is a very dangerous assult on all humanity. These "Illegal Gangstalkers" hack the unemployment grid and steal unemployment/foodstamp payments without leaving a trace and placing the funds on a separate blank credit card. The mentioned criminals have stolen funding and say over v2k GSA never checks their funding accounts. These Illegal Gangstalkers purchase CVV 3 digit numbers and All Gift cards and credit cards off the Deep/Dark/Web and Black Market. These criminals digitally steal off any grid anywhere in the entire world, to fund their Illegal Gangstalking Groups. They are not the Federal Government. They'er other form of theft can not discuss, these thugs are planning a domestic Government takeover as a "Purge" over v2k. Please sign this Pettition for the safty of our Country and our Freedom and to remain free. Theses criminals plant themselves inside Local, County, State and Federal and try and blend with us as normal citizens of The United States of America. They are a Domestic Terror Cell/Cult. Let's Illegal Gangstalking.

October 7, 2021

Nicole Larkin being Gangstalked by coworker like Rose A. Buchanan of FEMA Denton Texas. Still fighting Illegal Gangstalkers as of mentioned above date 10/07/2021 10;58pm and off to work at Restoring Life Chiropractic in Alrington Texas. They looking for reaction to try and get me to incriminate myself due to their fuck up as illegal gangstalkers part, if their gangstalking tactics is to some how get Alayah off the hook and others involved. Even the ones I dont know as random unknown illegal gangstalkers including neighbors living behind me and near me in Revolutionary Pointe Apts., But I will protect myself if need be. The v2k went off with a loud piercing sound as if they disabled the broadcast around 7:26pm 10/07/2021 a lady by the name Katherine temporary disabled the v2k and I do believe these illegal gangstalkers have a serious mental problem unbeyond repair along with Alayah aka Slowpoke of FEMA and others i.e. Ashlee Alayah's Bestfriend who was seen in my apartments end of July 2021 on a stormy evening out with her childen outside under the gazbo lighting and thrundering raining with an medium size younger guy and a man playing the keyboard out on the Apartments Balcony while it was storming outside on my way to work to clean. The Alayah aka Slowpoke works for FEMA and Im assuming Katherine works at FEMA as work at home supervisor and has access to DEW/v2k along with illegal 24/7 Surveillience hacking etc. The list goes on and on, the reasoning for all of this bad behavior is because of work force retaliation while we both had 11 days together of Remote Work at home training 09/01/2021-09/11/2021 I left the agency due to their work mobbing behavior. Stephanie Crawford Jones Alayah's and my Reservist position contact handle the complaint I made to upper management very unfair, but Kathrrine is Stephanie Crawford Jones foster adopted sister whom is in on the illegal gangstalking torture against me. All of this is very unnecessary to slash back out at me for having my own right to stick up and stand up for myself they are now doing community mobbing etc. You name they are doing it spreading lies around Dallas Fort Worth Texas about all over the local cities using v2k while they do the
unmanageable. Alayah been alonng time friend of Stephanie Crawford Jones and Katherine/Cathy it dun on me who they was after I left the agency. The all mentioned illegal gangstalking party I attended Vocation Bible School in my late childhood when I was just only 14 teen know beef was back in that timr that I notice should be carrying on in out adult life I havent notice or even thought about the mentioned since my childhood they have always been trouble children every single last one of them and they all still behave the exact way it was when we was younger. I cant believe these folks ended up at FEMA most have an Mental issue including Stephanie Crawford Jones and all her friends. The illegal gangstalkers use their Gangstalking plateform to manipulate their way thru life. All the people involve I heard over v2k i.e. Alayah, Stephanie Crawford Jones, Katherine/Cathy Stephanie Crawford Jones foster adopted sisters one gay/straight, Cathy and husband Big Boy, Pudding Tonya Johnson Boyfriend, Tonya Johnson, Pudding Brother Falanderous, Aaron Betts Sr. saw him at Chickfila in 2020 when stayed st Towne Place Suites in Fort Worth, Texas driving a burgandy 2020 Nissan rental, Corey Coleman which gangstalked me in Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments in North Richland Hills TX 76180 whom I was told over v2k are gangstslker apartments, Racheal Alayah's bestfriend whom I only met durning this gangstalking process and moved in my apartments at Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments 2019-2020, Latino Ed whom lives across the street from my mothers house and Ed Leroy, Linda aka Gangstalking Mom computer domain name (MOM9T6P) Pudding brother Falanderous pulled a gun on me and tried to kill me in my mother's neighborhood Rolling Hills Fort Worth Texas 76119 2020, Im told Falanderous is Alayah's father and him, Tonya Johnson, Stephanie Crawford Jones did an mocked deployment thru FEMA portal of some type and added some of my FEMA coworkers and Felones nonGovernment civilians, Mental Health people deployed, other illegal gangstalkers deployed, current or retired Military deployed to illegal gangstalk me, other Federal agency, Some of the Leroy's and Betts, Raeshawn Malvern, Two other Cathy's one white the other black tons of Cathy's they deployed to stalk anc harass me with Electronic Torture and Shavon-JT's wife or ex wife. Leray Betts Junior Alayah's brother and Alayah's sister Tiffany which I just learned of her name over v2k long forgot about her. Marty related to White Linda whom tried to run me over on the job at Carter Blood Care 08/21/2021 at 08:36pm in Red compact cars Toyota Camery older model red in color and red Nissan Sentra Linda was driving which took over from Marty to ghost ride the whip and run me down in Carter Blood Care parking lot they keep sending people up to my job at Carter Blood Care to try and run me over. Im told this Alayah girl has a very very bad mental illness and was going to gangstalk me amyway over v2k because she just doesnt like me. Keep in mind im 13 years older than the Alayah aka gangstalking name slowpoke. We have nothing in common I knee of her mother way back in the day late 70's we was young children but I believe this Alayah and Stephanie Crawford Jones been gangstalking me for some time now and Im just now noticing it was them and they have said they been gamgstalking me for years and I found out through v2k being placed on me 2020 while in Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments in North Richland Hills Texas 76180. I have evidence of some IP Addresses etc and computer Domain and this stupid v2k broadcast. They are a really big cult use an app and software to dispatch out random people to stalk me. Illegal Gangstalker group touch me digitally in private areas breast, crotch and bottom areas. I hear a machine cut on and off like a generator sound with humming, when they start to electronic torture me with DEW and Laser or Microwave. The mention stalkers place clamps under breast area that hurt extremely bad. All of Alayah's Mother and Father has been in on the torture her uncle Pudding whom I heard is where they get the machines from. Sidney Stephanie's foster adopted siblings is a well known hacker and thief and keep saying over v2k F*** The FEDS we aint scared of know FEDS we go harder than the FEDS. We beat their a**. The Feds are scared of us is what Sidney stated havent seen him either since I was married to my ex husband when him and other young man humped me related to my husband in my sleep and was 12 or 13 years old and they came home with me from church and I quick woke up and told my husband on him and he spanked them both and long for got about him and now he surface back up with Alayah in gangstalking me he is kind to Stephanie Crawford Jones of FEMA Denton Texas where I worked. Why they are stalking making sexual advances. And they put me down speak out they are going to kill themselves over and over on v2k all day long. Sidney I met on a dating app had know ideal whom he was I had long forgot about this kid, keeps saying I have a crush on you and been having a crush on you and I tell him over and over Im not interested. They have dirty sex over v2k thru my ears etc. Had a gay group following me around Alayah told Katherine whom is a stud I like her over v2k and she pretends she Leroy Betts III. Falanderous and Pudding with Katherine placed EMP satellite torture on me and almost killed me at my mom home in rolling hills FTW TX whom I moved in with 2020 and the torture and theif still continued. They had my own little cousin try to gangstalk me name Elijah whom had black Camero at the time I saw him pull up to soccer field parking lot adjacent to Clark Stadium and Federal Medical Center 3150 HORTON ROAD, FORT WORTH, TX  76119 Some other random folks are involved with the Illegal Gangstalking tactics and they enter my car without my permission and steal things and got group of unknown cars following me and going into stores when I go and try to make close contact or get near me. They hacked my bank accounts i.e. Frost Bank account 2020 but said they been stealing money from me and my cash app account for years. I froze all mu credit they still manage to get things in my name. One guy over v2k stated he is the one stole my highscholl Diploma and social security card and birth certificate over v2k thats why they are able to still get things in my name but my credit should be still frozen. I havent unfroze my credit since 2020. They open up an prepaid Vero account in my name and sent the statements to my own personal email at they have hacked my facebook account which I just got back 10/02/2021 to do fraud in my name said over v2k. Cathy Katherine's real sister has done tons of fraud in my name while credit is frozen sending magazine subscription to my home at 8313 Prairie Rose Lane FTW TX 76123 and Oxford at Iron Horse Apts in North Richland Hills-TX 76180. All types of random mail coming in from different types of addresses. They try and place me with std men etc. and thats why I nolonger date. Im told they harass Leroy Betts III as well. They lie and say he is trying to marry me and Stephanie Crawford Jones had the biggest crush on Leroy Betts III which is kind to Alayah's brother and Sharae of FEMA Denton Texas where I cross some of these people in person and worked with them and Tonya Johnson has never liked me Im being told she way older than me. I have know beef with her and she got together with Alayah's uncle Pudding is gangstalking me which Sharae placed Alayah in the pod with me on purpose for Remote Work at home Training 09/01/2021 she personally walked Alayah into our pod and said sit right here which was very odd. It really seem staged and we got alone and I forgot whom any of these people was and then Alayah started to become very messy diuring this Remote Work at home Training. Alayah had a white male cowotker in on this action whom I never met nor seen before at work name Stephen who would stand up and just stair at me for long periods of time. I had to ask was there something wrong and he just kept on looking at me creepy and he gangstalked me with Alayah as well over v2k and said Alayah you are very jealous for kniw reason of Nicole Larkin this gangstalking her is dumb, Alayah replied over v2k "I just dont like her" he stated your a** is going to jail gangstalking her and you and your dad is very stupid. 2020 I havent heard Steven of FEMA vioce in 2021. Years ago my bestfriend Stacey Washington use to keep Alayah for her mom to work and keep a job. Alayah as I recall back in the 80's had a mental illness and her mother was married to Leroy Betts III brother which his name is Leray Betts Sr. and they had a son Leray Betts Junior whom was a baby boy. I would help Stacey sometimes watch Alayah, Tiffany and Leray Betts Jr. which these parties stayed down the street from Stacey Washington mothers home and Stacey whom baby sit Alayah and her siblings, one day Alayah was caught by me humping Stacey and I told Stacey and she discipline her. I asked Sarina her mother why she get so many spankings she told me because Alayah has a mental problem and dont know when to stop her bad behavior. I kept helping Stacey Washington the baby sitter at the time watch Alayah and stop coming around when Alayah aka Sliwpoke learned of her nickname via v2k lied and said Leray Betts Sr. raped her and Stacey Washington went and told her mother and comes to find out Alayah had lied on her stepdad and when Leray Betts Sr was sleep Alayah stuck his private parts inside her and when she was the one in fact raped her mom's husband which was Alayah's stepdad at the time. She slmost got her stepdad sent away back in the mid 80's but I had forgot whom Alayah was at FEMA and actually forgot about all if them whom I knew in my past. Since they got an device that go back in time on your life. Please feel to look up all these facts because you are the Federal Government and I live by the honesty code. I stand by all the above with proof amd facts. I have IP Addeesses of current Illegal Gangstalkers and my eyes saw the mocked deployment done on Government funding. These people are very dangerous and have been trying to kill me and always stealing from me and hacking my smart devices work related and personal remotely over wifi i.e. Sim cards, Government Piv Card, Government Laptop amd software which is an data breach of DHS . Remotely hacked my car computer system and key fob. Know how to get all access to Illegal Artificial Intelligence and Military Intelligence access. As you may not know there are others at FEMA in on the torture done to me as workforce mobbing. Alayah used Linda aka gangstalking Mom9T6P to gangstalk me and others. Here is my proof Rose A. Buchanan of FEMA whom I know and worked with was Gangstalked and Sexually torture as I am currently being torture like Rose A Buchanan, please google Rose A Buchanan whom was married at the time I met her. Samething Rose A. Buchanan I am currently experiencing! Very very igorant henise crime done to both of us. Guess what I never knew Rose A, Buchanan was even gangstalked until I research gangstalking and things I was experiencing. Crazy world we live in. I survived real Military DEW at Oxford at Iron Horse Apts. NRH-TX with pilliow top mattress, foil base to block signal, extra bedding on top of foil, two yoga matts. Still process thru me but not as worse as before. I survived Satellite EMP which they had Andy the EMP officer come up from North Carolina, Fayetteville here for the mocked deployment and whom I worked with during Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. Me snd Andy fell out about me coming to work 5 minutes late which I addresses with my FEMA supervisor and Andy was on the State Local side of the deployment and after my previous supervisor left during Flirence deployment I had another supervisor which whom I was told to communicate with and I followed the chain of command and responed to current supervisor with Text and email. Andy was real cool with old supervisor Shor and was told to watch me by Shor and Tiffany of Fema, which my current Supervisor addressed Andy EMP officer politely of North Carolina Fayetteville Base in place for the State other needs assistsnce. Me and Andy had it out at the Emergency Management Center of Lumberton North Carolina about me addressing Reggie Strickland which was working with us as an off duty Sheiff about going to Tiffany on me which I never missed any days of work and was only late once or twice during the entire deployment everybody else including Andrea aka Andy was always late om breaks and coming wotk etc her and Reggie off duty Sheiff of North Carolina. To give the before story of Andrea (Andy) EMP officer and I, Alayah and her dad, uncle pudding and others was trying to find out whom all I had beef with in past anywhere in my life on the Artificial Intelligence machine that Military use to go back in time im assuming it part of a DEW machine. However, they used that and mocked deployed Andrea (Andy) EMP Officer whom was deployed to get at me thru Tonya Johnson, Alayah, Stephanie Crawford Jones and Tiffany, Shor etc. and that's how I got EMP placed on me. Which is illegal and she knows better attempted a murder. Andrea EMP officer, Reggie Strickland and Woody was all deployed to this mocked deployed of the fake FEMA deployment held by Tonya Johnson, Stephanie Crawford Jones, Katherine and Katherine sister whom is non Federal and a old crackhead and theif, Leray Betts jr. Alayah, Micheal Riggings Mass Care of FEMA, Ernie of Mass Care of FEMA and Tiffany of FEMA Mass Care. They messed me around so bad during Hurricane Laura and Delta of New Orleans-Louisiana. The illegal Gangstalkers looped my GPS while in New Orleans Louisiana trying to send me down to Florida Keys got the proof on the Federal server of FEMA which can not be deleted. Real term Tonya Johnson taught us all at FEMA Denton Texas location her quotes "Big Brother See All and Hear All and he is always watching" So if Tonya Johnson me that why didnt she practice what she preached? I knew the FEDS can go back in time and check you out from when your mother gave birth to you. So why Stephanie Crawford Jones and Alayah and Tonya Johnson with non FEMA citizens and civilians is only to do work retalitation for Alayah and Stephanie Crawford Jones just has never liked me her and Sharae and Tonya Johnson etc.
Im currently still being gangstalked sexually, electronic harassment, DEW, 24/7 Surveillence illegally watching everything naked etc. their hacking and stealing, following me and harassing me and every night try and kill me Alayah and her whole enite family as well as her FEMA friends, and Family. Alayah and illegal gangstalkers stole unemployment checks from me and bragged they can steal anything Federal funding or Local and State Funding like snap benefits and place them on blank snap cards from DEEP WEB and they steal CVV 3 digit credit cards from deep web black market to fund their illegal program etc. These illegal Federal gangstalking thugs and Fake CoinTel Pro Program purchase stolen gift cards off deep web and black web and Bitcoin etc Some of them are dirty and bad FED and Non Federal Felones and Mental Health Illness patients. I filed with the, and and White House and not knowing whom is planted inside FEMA will not file with FEMA's Human Resources Department fear of a Domestic Terror Cell lurking within FEMA's Agency. I dont know if Alayah Illegal Gamgstalking crew will try and multiplate the FEMA HR Agents with lies. Also, it's as if their trying to recruit me into being an Illegal Gangstalker because they know they messed, to try and paint a guilty picture for themselves and ramp up torture to see if I will give in to the bravery because they totally exposed themselves. Sharae of FEMA is kind to Leroy Betts III and Alayah's Brother Leray Betts Junior. These Illegal Gangstalkers keeps threatening Im going to be picked up by Witness Program, because they dont want Leroy Betts III to marry me and it will stop him from having any kind of contact with me all the above are only jealous of me amd Leroy Betts III prior relationship and I think Leroy Betts III is trying to me some type of contact with me. Just assuming they keep saying it over v2k. Alayah aka Slowpoke keep saying she should've kill me. I have nothing in common with Alayah or any of the Illegal Gangstslkers. Their street thugs and criminals.




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