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Investigate the election fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary Elections. Arrest those responsible. Secure the remaining elections from fraud.

Statistical evidence clearly indicates that the primary wins in Iowa, Nevada, Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio have been stolen!
Statistical evidence clearly indicates fraud in 15 of 16 primaries. Flip a coin 16 times. If it comes up heads 15 times, it is not unreasonable to suspect that there is something wrong with the coin. If in 15 of 16 primaries, Bernie Sanders’ recorded vote shares were lower than the exit poll vote shares, it is  not unreasonable to suspect that there is something wrong in recorded vote shares. To request an investigation of the elections that led to these results is absolutely reasonable.
President Obama: On page 5 of the Federal Prosecution of Election Offenses it is  stated that :“The federal government asserts jurisdiction over an election offense to ensure that basic rights of United States citizenship, and a fundamental process of representative democracy, remain uncorrupted.”
President Obama: The basics rights of United States Citizenship are being violated!
President Obama: The fundamental process of our representative democracy is being corrupted!
President Obama: DO YOUR JOB: Investigate the clear evidence of widespread election fraud in the Democratic primary elections and secure the electoral process in the elections that remain.

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