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Sign: I Support Legislative Action -Temporary Breeding Ban [Dogs]

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This purpose of this petition is to determine the public support of this initiative. The goal is to leverage legislative action by showing we agree that this is a problem, we believe in a Temporary Breeding Ban [Dogs], and we will support the process to get us there.

The Temporary Breeding Ban initiative focus is to resolve the root cause of animal shelter overpopulation, and senseless breeding of dogs across the United States.

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Speaking on Dogs alone, there are over 3 Million that enter the shelter every year, and of that number, over 1 Million are euthanized. You'll find that most of the Dogs in shelters are pure bred animals turned over for lack of responsibility. These Dogs are primarily produced through local breeders that are in the business for profit and not performing extensive interviews before adoptions. 

Many states are moving towards only allowing the sale of shelter animals in pet stores and it is slowly seeing movement. However, that will not stop the unregulated market from breeding sick Dogs in cruel and unfit environments, and local breeders looking to profit.

The Truth About Puppy Mills:

A Closer Look at Puppy Mills:  A Closer Look at Puppy Mills:

Benefits of a Temporary Breeding Ban:

  • o  Allow shelters to reduce capacity by approved Dog adoptions, which come with the standard spay/neuter to prevent unplanned breeding and far more health services to the Dogs.
  • o  Save countless Dogs from unhealthy breeding and living conditions, which ultimately end in the death of the dog when puppy mills or inhumane breeders have no use for them, are performing "test" breeding, or the Dogs are sick. It is common for the dogs to be shot or hung in dog farming, and for the dogs to be kept in glass containers without proper nutrition.  
  • o  Provide time to create a strictly regulated breeder list only approved after onsite inspections of the environment and health of the Dogs and all puppy "owners to be" registered and cleared as owners before breeding is approved. 
  • o  Provide time to create a registration approval process to adopt a Dog. Benefit to eliminate the issues we face with individuals turning over their companion animal, and with the issues we face in abusive and cruel environments. 
  • o  Discuss with U.S. Military the interest to adopt Dogs from the shelter and allow Military personnel to have a companion Dog. Benefit to reduce the mental stress and work to reduce suicide rates, as Dogs are naturally calming and emotionally supportive animals. 

Dogs are bred to simply be killed, if they are lucky, euthanized. Notice the body bags?

Put all of the selfish reasons aside. We need everyone to sign this. It is our responsibility to make a change, now. It is in our lifetime and our generation that can make a difference, make a change, and stop sentencing dogs to death.

There is absolutely no reason why Dogs should not have a protection process and a process that organizes and regulates breeding practices. How does this reflect on our mental abilities as humans if we can't put this simple and humane process together?

Do not walk away from this if you truly want to make a difference. Do not walk away from this if you have ever posted an animal shelter share. Do not walk away from this if you have ever signed a petition against animal cruelty. Do not walk away from this if your heart has ever broken after your family pet passed away. Do not walk away from this if you have a dog in your home. Do not walk away from this if you wish you had a dog in your home. Do not walk away from this if you have children that you hope will be responsible with animals when they are adults. Do not walk away from this. Period. 

A temporary ban on breeding dogs will be pushed in 2018. This change will allow every state to begin revising current breeding laws. This is essential for the fight against puppy mills, pet store puppies, and the ethical treatment of dogs. 

During this temporary ban, we will be able to bring animal shelter occupancy DOWN to the lowest percentage as we find homes for the MILLIONS of dogs that ALREADY EXIST. We will provide relief to dogs heartbroken behind a cage and ensure they have a chance at life.  

For every puppy that is brought into this world, we have increased the number of dogs in shelters. We are forcing dogs to live in cages and be put to death because of OUR irresponsibility.  


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