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Protect TikTok

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There has been a lot of events during 2020 that have been upsetting and now they are threatening to take TikTok away from the people as well.

This petition is in no way to disrespect any other important petitions such as justice for POC who had fallen victim to police brutality #BLM. I urge you to take the time to sign those important petitions as well and educate yourself on the movement.


TikTok had came into our lives and recently stole our hearts. The app allows everyone to teach each other. One video from someone who has barely any followers can end up reaching millions of people in a day like no other app. It brings people joy and can possibly save their lives. TikTok has been accused of being dangerous, however I do not agree with that. TikTok is a safe space. Any app will have its problems, but TikTok has been the best social media app I personally have ever used and I'm sure others would agree with me. There is a lot of love on TikTok and the people make it that way. It is a community where everyone can connect, no matter the race, culture, or ethnicity. TikTok had a huge play in sharing important information during the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests. As Diana Khalil (@ironno) said, "For minorities, losing TikTok is really worrisome. TikTok has been a complete game changer for minorities. We have been able to connect with each other on such fast and global scale, learn so many things about other peoples cultures, and realize we have a lot more similarities than differences. No other app in history has allowed us to do this so fast and on such a big scale."  The power TikTok holds is amazing and I don't believe it deserves to be attacked, but instead praised. It should go without saying that the people are TikTok thus meaning we are being attacked and silenced.


There are sites worse than TikTok, yet they have never been shut down. For example, Facebook has been accused and caught many times for doing terrible things and disrespecting their user's ability to make their own decisions. However, Facebook was not banned nor deleted for doing such things. The site got a minor slap of the hand and was sent on its way. That is why I do not understand why of all sites/apps, TikTok is the one being threatened.


The person writing this is Layla Lemmens. I am a Verified TikTok Creator. I have seen the power of TikTok and all its glory first hand. I watched TikTok blow up and saw millions of people join the community. I have seen the impact it has made on the people. Of course I would like to protect my account and I know other Creators do as well, but that is not why I am writing this. I am writing this because TikTok is a community and I feel that this is a very personal attack. Of all other apps/sites, I do not believe TikTok is the one that should be shut down.


It is still unsure if TikTok is in the process of being banned. However, this petition could show how important it is to the community. So please, sign the petition and share if you want to save TikTok.


I as well urge you to share information and your opinion based on your experience on why TikTok should not be banned. #SaveTikTok

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