Rescue Americans Stranded in Morocco due to Coronavirus

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As this is a rapidly evolving situation, please see the updates below for current information and status. Much gratitude to everyone who has assisted on the ground in Morocco, in the media, and via their advocation. There are a lot of kind souls out there.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country of Morocco recently closed its borders with no grace period or warning to allow travelers to return home. Other countries immediately jumped into action to send planes to repatriate their people. The US has done NOTHING. The US Embassy has not assisted, and has only created confusion via contradictory and at times dangerous direction to those stuck on the ground there (sending them 3 hours in the wrong direction for flights that don't exist; sending them to busy airports with false hopes of getting on planes). 

Morocco is locked down and all indications are that the lockdown will get more aggressive in the coming days, potentially even keeping folks from being able to get to the airport. If you're scared at home right now, imagine how scary it must be to be locked down in hotel room in a foreign country, with no idea of when you can come home.

Commercial airlines will not fly them from Morocco to the United States. Their only way out now is for the US government to help fly them out. Folks stuck on the ground there are saying on Twitter there are 3000 US Residents stranded in Morocco. US government needs to make arrangements to allow them to fly home!

Please sign this petition to encourage the US government into action for our fellow Americans such as my 10 friends in the photo here, from California, Oregon, and Washington state. Tell your news contacts, senators, and congressional representatives - anything helps!